Beyoncé and Jay-Z rock NYC!

Beyoncé and Jay-Z rock NYC!

Our favourite diva and her not-so-secret hubby wowed the crowds in New York…

The couple are famously tight-lipped about their relationship, but on Sunday they were quite literally singing it from the rooftops as they appeared live on stage together to perform their smash hit Crazy in Love.

Jay-Z put in his guest appearance as part of his wife's 'I Am... Sasha Fierce' world tour, and his surprise turn whipped the audience into a frenzy. It was the first time he had performed on stage with her, despite being by her side as she toured Canada and Europe.

Beyoncé herself looked resplendent as she strutted the stage in a suitably bling glittering gold bodice, accessorised with towering heels and a whole heap of attitude. Fierce by name, fierce by nature!

By Anna Goumal

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