The Best Movie Soundtracks Ever (As Rated By Team InStyle...)

The Best Movie Soundtracks Ever (As Rated By Team InStyle...)

The best movie soundtracks ever? Come on, what's your fave...

When I asked team InStyle what the best movie soundtrack was (like, ever), as you can imagine, I got a LOT of responses. 

Spanning decades and genres, it appears that everyone's favourite movie soundtrack has one common thread of similarity: every soundtrack has a special story surrounding it, and every member of of team InStyle had a solid reason for why they loved their particular favourite so much.

And no joke, as soon as the email went around requesting fave soundtrack information, the office became quite animated. Think everyone shouting desk-suggestions, and arguing passionately about the merit of Top Gun's classic opener 'Danger Zone' (by Kenny Loggins, props). Movie soundtracks apparently, are a topic of hot debate.

So, what according to team InStyle, are the greatest movie soundtracks of all time?

Feel free to disagree...

George Driver - Beauty Writer

'Drive – because of the wobby techno epicness, and any song that accompanies Ryan Gosling being badass is all good by me.

Oh, and The Blues Brothers because uh... The Blues Brothers. When you’ve got a cameo from James Brown and Ray Charles you know you’re doing alright soundtrack wise. It’s genuinely a struggle not to put this on every time I a little bit on the drunk side. Shake Your Tail Feather is a TUNE.'

Josh Newis-Smith - Shopping Editor

'Bend it Like Beckham, it has not one BUT two Melanie C solo tracks on it. Need I say ANY more?'

Rebecca Gillam - Digital Writer


'This needs no explanation.'

Hannah Rochell - Fashion Features Editor

'Quadrophenia, The Who. I listened to it non-stop for years. And then recently they remastered and remixed it so I now have a completely different version to get to know. On vinyl, obvs.'

'Also, The Lost Boys. I had that one on cassette. And Wayne’s World! OMG I’m going to listen to that now!'

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Georgia Allen - Junior Designer

'Mad Max: Fury Road. The Doof Warrior's guitar riff is everything. Then Drive, no explanation needed.'

Suzannah Ramsdale - Digital Editor

'10 Things I Hate About You – it takes me back to my teenage years – and anything that conjures up memories of Heath Ledger is a joy.

'Shame – as with all the soundtracks to Steve McQueen films, this is quite dark and haunting. It features lots of Bach and it's incredibly beautiful.'

Cassie Steer - Beauty Director

'Mermaids (the one with Cher and Winona) – so good! Also totally with Hannah – Waynes World, listened to it so much the tape got chewed up!'

Isabella Silvers - Digital Assistant

'Almost Famous – that scene in the tour bus where everyone sings Tiny Dancer still gives me chills, and Penny Lane is my eternal style inspo.'

'The Boat That Rocked' – if you’re looking for variety, The Boat That Rocked has a song for every mood. The fact that they work at a radio station might help…'

'Lords Of Dogtown – BADASS'.

'Love (Netflix) - the songs in the closing credits were a massive plus to this already amazing Netflix original series.'

Emily Dean - Deputy Editor

'Top Gun, yes.'

'Dick Tracey – 'Hanky Panky'? Hello.'

'Pulp Fiction – it was a '90s thing.'

Nick Spensley - Executive Fashion Director

'Top Gun – no explanation needed...'

'Coyote Ugly and Miss Congeniality, they spoke to my teenage girl self.'

Amie-Jo Locke - Digital Writer

'As a child of the '80s, for me The Lost Boys and Dirty Dancing soundtracks were EVERYTHING.'

'Guilty pleasure? Michael Nyman's The Piano. Oh, and Last Of The Mohicans. Both scores make me cry like an idiot.'

Jamie Spence - Deputy Picture Editor

'Cruel Intentions has some absolute BANGERS on it…'

'This not so much a soundtrack but…Buffy Once More with Feeling…still fills me with JOY.'

'Guardians of the Galaxy has one of the best soundtracks everrrr, I've not even seen the film.'

'Where the Wild Things Are – Karen O will always be a totes hero.'

'Marie Antoinette – 80s new wave and post punk + 18th Century France…IN.'

'(evidently a fan of a soundtrack)'


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