Waxing, Pep Talks & 17 Things Only Your BFF Will Do For You

Waxing, Pep Talks & 17 Things Only Your BFF Will Do For You

We love you bbz...

Best friends.

There are no words to sum up how incredibly awesome they are. Despite all the heartbreaks/dodgy boyfs/family troubles, your BFF is the one person that stays true. And well, we want to celebrate you. Praise you, in fact cue, Fat Boy Slim song....

And because we couldn't live without you, here are the 19 things only you would do for us.

Thank you, you marvellous person...

1. Tell you that the guy you're dating is a bit of a d***

They've noted his wandering eye and his less than kind text messages. Ditch the loser babe, he doesn't deserve you. Preach.

2. Talk to you when you're on the loo.

...and hand you toilet paper under the door.

3. Immediately get your back if some shade is thrown.

The BFF doesn't even need to know the perpetrator, it's on.

4. Help carry all your heavy crap into/out of a festival.

They don't even question why you needed those five pairs of boots.

5. Hold your hair...

Yeah, you know when those tequilas have taken their toll?

6. Lend you underwear.

Why is it only ever cool to borrow undies from your BFF?

7. Go with you to the STI clinic.

Because we all need a lol sitting in THAT sitch.

8. Dance with you to Rihanna.

Even though she's team Bey, rather than team Ri.

9. Take out your hair extensions when you're incapable of doing so.

Getting those clip-ins out when you've properly hit the ZZZs? That's a skill.

10. Tan your back.

She even has her own tan mitt at your gaff.

11. Waxing.

She never minds getting involved in some of your most 'intimate' areas.

12. Comes to our cringe family gatherings.

And doesn't seem to mind that your weird cousin constantly hits on her.

13. Understands the 'have you got a tampon' whisper.

You practically speak your own language.

14. Will drink Rosé with you, even though she thinks it's basic.

Chin chin.

15. Will tell you that those pink culottes look bloody horrendous.

Fash disaster avoided.

16. Will be your plus one at a pal's wedding.

At short notice, especially if the guy you were dating lets you down last minute.

17. Bleach your top lip.

If you do it together it's a good excuse to sit in and watch TOWIE.

18. Will check your boobs.

So important to get the BFF's second opinion if anything worrying should arise.

19. And finally, will ALWAYS be magnificent.

We don't know how we'd cope without you babe. Just continue being you... x

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