Best Concerts Ever: Team InStyle’s Most Memorable Gigs

Best Concerts Ever: Team InStyle’s Most Memorable Gigs

Remember the best concert you’ve ever been to? Yeah, us too…

What makes a great gig? A hour’s worth of anthemic tracks, losing your voice by the end of the night and probably getting a beer chucked over you – it’s all part of the experience, right? Now that a study has definitively proven that going to gigs regularly is likely to make you feel happier about your life, Team InStyle have been reminiscing about the best concerts they’ve ever seen (and probably bought the t-shirt, too)…

Mumford & Sons, Glastonbury 2010. I’m fully aware that everyone thinks they’re really lame now. My boyfriend also put The Cave on a mix CD he made for me on our second date. I started listening to their album and I fell in love with the band as I fell in love with him. We watched them together at Glastonbury and I cried from the moment they came on stage until the last note. I was severely dehydrated afterwards – Katie Thomas, Beauty Editor

INXS at Sheffield City Hall in 1987. I was 15 and completely besotted with Michael Hutchence. Me and three of my best mates managed to squeeze our way to the front so when he crouched down and sang several of the words of Need You Tonight to us, we were rendered mute for the rest of the evening. And then I cried on the way home – Niki Browes, Associate Editor

For my boyfriend’s birthday I bought Hard Rock Calling tickets for Bruce Springsteen, but they turned out to be fake. I was distraught, but his friend is a magician backstage at gigs and got us backstage wristbands. Dave Matthews told me I had eyes like a Pokemon and asked if me and my boyfriend were related, but we saw Bruce and he was amazing. I sued the ticket company – George Driver, Beauty Writer  

Coldplay! I saw them at Wembley recently and they were literally THE BEST. I even cried… - Hannah Lewis, Fashion Assistant

Probably the best performance I’ve ever seen (based on the fact she’s my idol, I was at Glastonbury and hence VERY tired and emotional) was Patti Smith. Electric, devastating and so ridiculously badass that I was rendered speechless for much of the gig. Her rendition of Gloria from album Horses brought me to actual tears. Other than that, Marianne Faithful (I have a thing for powerful females evidently), Foals (before they were famous, in a tiny club in Dublin – I took them dancing afterwards) and Kate Bush at Hammersmith Apollo – Amie-Jo Locke, Digital Writer

My first ever Steps concert when I was 8 years old. I was counting down to the date for months (25th November). I almost died when they came on stage and delivered my much rehearsed dance routines to perfection in my yellow reflective Steps band tee. One For Sorrow was the best moment of my life, at the time. Also, The Spice Girls reunion tour. I was so far back that I couldn't even tell which one was Mel B for approx two songs but the Victoria Beckham runway strut gave me goosebumps – Josh Newis-Smith, Shopping Editor

The Rolling Stones at the Isle of Wight Festival was so amazing, they brought on Amy Winehouse for a song too. I don't think I'll ever forget that. I used to lose my mind every time I went to see Babyshambles. When Pete was still with Kate Moss and I stood directly in front of her as she sang. I’ve never given much stock to DJ gigs, but Annie Mac at Brixton Academy was one of the most insanely fun things I've ever done – Jamie Spence, Deputy Picture Editor

Prince - it was a secret gig at the Hippodrome casino. Truly magical! – Chloe Mac Donnell, Fashion And Feature Writer

Muse at Portsmouth Guild Hall before they were proper famous. I was in my teens and going through my indie phase. The gig was amazing – Muse are still one of the best live bands I’ve ever seen – but it was being approached at random and being invited backstage to the after party that really made it. Queue my BFF and I totally starstruck, taking all the selfies (before selfies were even a thing) and mentally prepping for a life as a rock star’s wife – Suzannah Ramsdale, Digital Editor

It’s too hard to decide! Catfish and the Bottlemen smashed Benicassim this year, but I’ve had too many emotional moments with The Maccabees, Laura Marling, Butch Walker and Pete Yorn to pick a favourite. Jamie T at Ally Pally sticks in my mind – Isabella Silvers, Digital Assistant

ACDC in Seville. It was with my family, and one of the last gigs they did all together – Georgia Allen, Junior Designer

Blur at Alexandra Palace 1994. I was 17 and hardly anyone at my school wore vintage clothes or Adidas Gazelles so it was amazing to see all these people in the queue dressed the same way as me! And then the support bands were Supergrass, Corduroy and Pulp. I was right at the front. I will never top that one! – Hannah Rochell, Fashion Features Editor

What’s the best gig you’ve ever been to? Let us know who should have made it onto our list below

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