Celebrity Tippers: 10 Of The Most Generous Stars Ever

Celebrity Tippers: 10 Of The Most Generous Stars Ever

Everyone knows that tipping service staff is the done thing, but which celebrities like to be super generous when paying their bar tab? Here are our top ten celebrity tippers...

For those of us that work or have worked in the service industry, we’re more than aware of how rubbish the job can be.

Long shifts, unsociable hours and putting up with crazy demands from difficult diners can be a bit soul destroying, especially when after you’ve delivered the best service you possibly can —with bells on— that tricky customer fails to leave a tip. It’s just not cricket.

Luckily though there are plenty of people that understand the plight of a waitress and/or barkeep and yes, this chunk also includes a handful of celebrities who like to tip well. VERY well in some instances.

Crossed fingers one of these generous A-listers books a table at your restaurant…

1. Amy Schumer

Amy Schumer is no stranger to bussing tables (she waitressed and bartended in New York whilst auditioning for some of her earliest gigs), so likes to show her appreciation. Over the weekend she reportedly left a $1,000 tip to bartenders during the interval of the Hamilton musical, even though the actual tab totalled a paltry $77. A previous visit to the show saw Amy leave an $80 tip along with a note stating:

'I've been there, I get it, you guys are great.'

SO nice.

2. Ellen DeGeneres

Ellen (along with other stars) famously left a $1,000 tip with the delivery guy that brought them all pizza at the 2014 Oscars. She then went on to interview the same chap on her chat show the next day. Talk about a lucky break.

3. David Beckham

Everything that David Beckham does makes him an absolute hero in our eyes, but hearing about the MASSIVE tip he apparently left a waitress in LA a few years ago just makes us love him that little bit more. After popping into Joxer Daily's Pub with a few of his LA Galaxy teammates for a few snacks and beers, Becks simply added an extra '0' to the $100 total once the bill was produced. Wait, a $1,000 tip AND the chance to pour David Beckham a mineral water? Job well done that waitress.

4. Bill Murray

Billy Murray is not only the world's most super awesome guy, but the actor also happens to be quite a generous tipper. He reportedly left a 120% tip on a $60 check back along, and also threw in some helpful bartending tips on how best to cut lemons. What a gent.

5. Russell Crowe

Whilst taking a break from filming Robin Hood in West Wales in 2009, it was reported that actor Russell Crowe treated the staff of the Carew Inn in to a hefty £600 tip AND an impromtu guitar gig to reward their efforts.

6. Drew Barrymore

Drew Barrymore always strikes as being a real nice lady, and we weren't surprised to learn that she always makes a point of adding an extra 100% to whatever total bill she recieves.


7. Brad Pitt

Was there any doubt in our minds that that Brad Pitt wouldn't be a generous tipper? Course not. Apparently following a lavish Japanese meal in Berlin with Angelina and the kids a couple of years ago, Brad reportedly left over $800 in tips to say thank you to the staff. Legend.


8. Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift took her generosity to the next level following a visit to a Philadelphia restaurant a couple of years ago. Not only did she tip the staff $500, but she also gifted the head chef (who's son happened to be a massive Tay Tay fan) two tickets to her show the following evening.


9. Jay Z

Jay Z isn't one to shy away from flashing the cash - so much so that after dropping a staggering $250, 000 on champagne at a club night in Miami, he then reportedly left the staff a $50,000 gratuity. Absolute madness.

10. Johnny Depp

And the prize for best tipper ever goes to...everyone's favourite actor-pirate Johnny Depp. After running up a whopping bill at a Chicago steakhouse in 2009 (many bottles of $500 wine were consumed), Johnny then reportedly treated the staff to an incredible $4,000 tip. Now THAT'S appreciation. Bravo Johnny.


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