A state of high emergency has been declared in Belgium as police continue to hunt for terror suspects still at large. In the capital of Brussels today schools, universities and the city's metro system have all been closed. 

In response to the emergency, Brussels police have asked residents not to share any pictures or information which might affect their continued search for the Paris attacks gunmen still at large, including Salah Abdeslam.

So to help police drown out any sensitive information being shared online, Twitter users have come up with an internet-friendly solution - to flood the #BrusselsLockdown hashtag with pictures of cats.

"Post cat pics, not police movements" said Twitter user Yves Alexandre, while another user wrote "this, dear outsiders, is how we fight terrorism here. They haven't got a chance! We haz kittens!"  

The authorities have responded by thanking Twitter users for their feline contributions. Which must surely be a first.


It was Twitter user @ElodieD who summed up the #BrusselsLockdown takeover best: 

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Bravo, Belgium!