Beautycrush: Everything You Need To Know

Beautycrush: Everything You Need To Know

Samantha Maria has turned her YouTube channel into a fashion empire - catch up with everything you need to know about Beautycrush

Beauty Crush

AGE: 25


STYLE IT OUT: Beautycrush aka Samantha Maria, the half-Guyanese and half-English British beauty, actually studied fashion styling at Southampton Solent uni, so it’s safe to say her look-books can be trusted for super-cool style inspo. Starting her vlog way back in 2009, Sammi was turning out hauls, reviews and tags before the rest of the vlog scene caught up. Let’s just say that she has been contouring for over five years already….

EDGY: Beautycrush quickly built up a loyal fan-base (1.6 million and counting) thanks to Sam’s rocky look. Winged eyeliner, blood red lips, leather jackets and a tattoo sleeve that keeps getting fuller, Sam’s style seriously stands out.

TOUGH EXTERIOR: Sam has been the victim of tough times including domestic abuse and confidence issues, but has used her channel to tell her story and help those going through hard times. Thought vloggers were just one-dimensional? Sam proves that you might want to think again.

A STITCH IN TIME: In early interviews, Sam said her biggest ambition was to launch her own clothing line. Well, she can check that off her list at 25, as Novem and Knight launched with boyfriend Jason in 2014. Think high-quality casual basics and “immaculate simplicity”. You’ll catch us wearing it every day, everywhere.

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