BEAUTY BUZZ: How to get Cheryl Cole-style lashes

BEAUTY BUZZ: How to get Cheryl Cole-style lashes

Update your look and wow without a mascara in sight with Lash Perfect’s new beauty buy

Beyoncé, Lady GaGa and Cheryl Cole are all fans of fake lashes and now, with Lash Perfect’s new wonders, we can get look-at-me eyes for up to 12 weeks.


Statement eyes were everywhere at London Fashion Week and at the glam Oscars at the weekend, with bold and beautiful peepers everywhere we looked, so what better way to celebrate the start of spring than to opt for a pair of false eye lashes to add extra definition to your girly flutter?

Depending on how you maintain the semi-permanent Lash Perfect lashes, they can last between eight and 12 weeks, and with a range of colours and lengths available, there’s going to be no end to our new summer looks.

I opted for lashes that were a little longer than my own with a kitten flick at the outer corners to open up the eye more.

Each lash is then individually bonded with lash glue resulting in about 80-120 eyelashes on each eye. The process is long, about an hour and a half but strangely therapeutic as I still managed to fall into a deep sleep.

The result? Full, flirty, thick lashes which looked amazing, all without one lick of mascara. They are also perfect for a quick sun-filled getaway as you can swim or shower with them.

The technician sends you away with a lash maintenance pack including lash perfect mascara and eye make-up remover and advises you on how to keep them looking their best until you have them topped up after about 2-3 weeks.

Sound good? We thought so. Half set of Lash Perfect eyelash extensions start from £50.00.

For stockists please visit or call 020 8500 9028.

By Zoe Robertson

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