BBC Three Is Digital Only?! The 6 Guilty TV Pleasures We’ll Miss The Most

BBC Three Is Digital Only?! The 6 Guilty TV Pleasures We’ll Miss The Most

BBC Three is now officially a digital-only channel, and our guilty TV viewing will never be the same…

Watch Don’t Tell The Bride online?! Our guilty TV viewing will never be the same… After BBC Three just signed out for the final time, we started thinking about all the shows we’re really going to miss half-watching while we’re tucking into a takeaway pizza, or getting ready to sleep (read: decide what we want to watch on Netflix)… 

Don’t Tell The Bride
Will they, won’t they, and why didn’t the bride just tell him what she wanted in the first place?! Don’t Tell The Bride was our bridal TV addiction, always on for another fix of incredibly awkward marriage planning. The grooms always looked hapless, but what is it really like to be on Don’t Tell The Bride? Rosa spilled all…

Snog Marry Avoid?
Too much slap, radioactive hair and some incredibly questionable fashion choices, Snog Marry Avoid transformed some of Britain’s most sartorially challenged, but not always for the best… We’ve been a fan since the Jenny Frost days (remember those fashion tips she’d try out in her kitchen? Enlightening), but Ellie Taylor took the series through it’s final two series.  

Gavin & Stacey
Alright, Stace, what's occurring? Where would James Corden be without Gavin & Stacey, the Welsh TV classic that gave us Bryn and Nessa’s surprise barn dance, that drunken night at Pam and Nick’s house and the amazing Ruth Jones. Classic Christmas TV viewing.

Family Guy
It’s late, you can’t be bothered with Newsnight and BBC Three is helpfully screening Family Guy… We’ve spent way too many nights half-watching the American adult cartoon, and can now never look at Mila Kunis in the same way again…


The Mighty Boosh
Set in a zoo with a talking gorilla, what’s not to love about Noel Fielding’s Mighty Boosh?! To be honest, we watched Boosh more for the fashion inspo than anything – remember those goth girls in Nanageddon, or Naboo’s turban? Totally on trend. Noel knows how to work a silver Cuban-heeled boot, too.  

Little Britain
Did we love Little Britain? Yeah, but no, but yeah, but no… The show that gave us Vicky Pollard, Daffyd and Marjorie Dawes and Lou and Andy made its debut on BBC Three with David Walliams and Matt Lucas.

We'll have to settle for the best TV shows to watch in 2016 instead...

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