14 Times We'd Like To Thank Baz Luhrmann For Making Our Lives More Beautiful

14 Times We'd Like To Thank Baz Luhrmann For Making Our Lives More Beautiful

Baz Luhrmann is back with Netflix's The Get Down, but here's some other times he was just fantastic...

Baz Luhrmann is officially back, and we couldn't be more giddy-girl ecstatic about it.

No doubt about it, Baz Luhrmann's movies have been some of the most beautiful, iconic and influential pieces of film in recent years. His signature flick flourish is identifiable by the grandness of his sets, his jaw-dropping costumes, and his ability to snag some of the most brilliant acting talent out there.

Baz Luhrmann's films read like a roll call of everyone's 'best movie ever' - Moulin Rouge, Romeo + Juliet, The Great Gatsby and (the hilarious) Strictly Ballroom are just a few examples of how Baz Luhrmann's legacy has imprinted itself upon our modern movie psyche.

Plus, come on. He gave us Leonardo DiCaprio as Romeo. Many a teenage crush was born wearing a Montague-style Hawaiian shirt, right? And let's not forget THAT suncreen song... which basically went on to define #LifeGoals for the entire '90s generation.

So to celebrate the fact that the wonderful Baz Luhrmann is back with hotly anticpated Netflix show The Get Down, here are some of the times he's made our lives that little bit more beautiful.

Thank you.

1. Kylie Minogue as The Green Fairy in Moulin Rouge...

C'est magnifique...

2. THE end scene in Strictly Ballroom...

If this didn't have you rushing off to join a flamenco dance class, nothing would.

3. For giving us Elizabeth Debicki pre-Night Manager...

... as Jordan in The Great Gatsby.

4. For basically giving us this kiss.

The kiss to end all kisses. 


5. And Leo... as Romeo. Just... amazing.

Baz, for this we are eternally, eternally grateful.

6. The dance scene in Moulin Rouge that SLAYS all other dance scenes, in the entire history of film. Ever.


7. And, Leo as Gatsby. It's just absolute perfection.

Casting Leo as one of the greatest male literary heroes of all time? Oh wait, we did that once... let's do it again for good measure.

8. Satine's costumes in Moulin Rouge were the stuff of dreams...

Nicole Kidman in diamonds and corsets. Stunning.

9. And the 'Like A Virgin' scene that single handedly made Madonna's original version somewhat obselete.

So funny. 

10. When Juliet's bedroom gave us all the interior inspo

True, it was a little on the religious side, but still very, very Instagrammable.

11. For giving us these uh-mazing quiffs in Strictly Ballroom...

New festival hair trend? Let's hope so.

12. And for giving us Paul Rudd in Romeo + Juliet...

Brilliant. We were all about these dance moves Paul.

13. For teaching us that the show must indeed, go on...

Satine AKA Nicole Kidman = all the life advice.

14. And finally, for giving us this. Thank you Baz Luhrmann.

The song that no-one can listen to without getting all misty-eyed. This one goes out to the class of '99, everywhere...



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