Battle Of The B*******?! Please. Why GoT Is ALL About The Ladies RN

Battle Of The B*******?! Please. Why GoT Is ALL About The Ladies RN

I've been Team Sansa for ages. FINALLY, my loyalty is rewarded...

Okay. Never has the hashtag #AboutLastNight been more relevant. I mean, Game of Thrones (season 6, episode 9)...

*insert suitable expletive-led reaction right here*

Crikey, has there ever been a Game of Thrones episode like it?!

Yep, last night’s Battle of the Bastards has already been crowned by many as the greatest 50-odd minutes of game play in GoT history, and well, if you haven’t seen it yet then I’m sorry, but there will be [spoilers] ahead…

I can’t sit on this I’m afraid. Apols.

Not only did a lot of people get royally (and rather viciously) offed in one of the most incredible battle scenes in TV history (hands up who didn’t take a breath for about twenty minutes?), but the episode also provided plenty of opportunity for the female characters to flex some much-needed lady muscle. And well, it was bloody brilliant.

Much to my pals’ annoyance (sorry guys), I have been carping on about Sansa Stark (AKA Sophie Turner) since ooh, the third season, as I honestly believe she’s been the quietly confident and somewhat overlooked lady person for some time. Sure she’s been horribly victimized and abused, but now it’s plain to see that Sansa’s eye has been firmly trained on Winterfell for all this time, and the horrific brutality she’s suffered at the hands of lesser men has only made her stronger… and far more terrible. That smile at the end of the episode when she leaves Ramsay to be devoured by his own hounds? A stroke of pure ‘take that, you s***’ genius.

Oh, how we *fist pumped*

And don’t even get me started on that sexually loaded exchange between badass raider Yara Greyjoy and Daenerys Stormborn… Is this the partnership to overthrow that scruff The High Sparrow and the sappy boy-king Tommen? Let’s bloody well hope so.

Or, will that devilment be left up to ultimate Marmite GoT character Cersei Lannister who, despite receiving a rather dodge haircut and walking through Kings Landing in the nip, is still proving herself to be a fem-force to be reckoned with. Love her or hate her, Cersei is still keeping it real and has been since episode one. Anyone catch the wildfire reference in last night’s episode? Hell hath no fury, and Cersei has a secret *wink*

(Props to George Driver on InStyle Beauty for that bombshell…)

Sure Rickon didn’t zig-zag, and yes it was a bit sad that the giant copped it, but quite frankly for me 'Battle of the Bastards' was so, so much more than Jon Snow vs Ramsay Bolton. The episode has opened the Game wide enough for our favourite females to rise up and take what's rightfully theirs... admittedly, with the help of dragons.

All hail Sansa Stark, Queen of the North? Please, make it so…

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