From Star Wars To 50 Shades, Meet BAFTA's EE Rising Stars For 2016

From Star Wars To 50 Shades, Meet BAFTA's EE Rising Stars For 2016

BAFTA and EE have a knack for tipping the talent who are going to be huge, so pay attention to these up and comers…

The BAFTA EE Rising Star nominees have been announced, and if previous winners are anything to go by, you better pay attention - do the names Jack O’Connell, Kristen Stewart and Tom Hardy ring any bells? We'll have to wait until February 14th to find out who lands the coveted award, but it's actually all down to you - The EE Rising Star Award is always up for a public vote, which closes on Friday 12th February.

Before you cast your vote here, look no further for a refresher on the nominees for 2016...

John Boyega
From; Star Wars
How can you have missed John Boyega over the past few months?! Playing Finn in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, 23-year-old John started out in sci-fi flick Attack The Block, as well as parts in Law And Order UK and 24. From small screen to Star Wars in just four years? Impressive.

Taron Egerton
From; Kingsman: The Secret Service
No relation to Tamsin, Taron Egerton most recently starred in the Kray twins biopic Legend, after a talented performance in Kingsman: The Secret Service as Eggsy, with Colin Firth and Samuel L Jackson. Now those are two pretty amazing mentors. Watch out for the film’s sequel in 2017. 

Dakota Johnson
From; 50 Shades Of Grey
Dakota Johnson’s star blew up when she was announced as Anastasia Steele in the 50 Shades of Grey trilogy, but did you know she’s also appeared in The Social Network, 21 Jump Street and The Office? Dakota is also signed to IMG models. She’s probably the best known of the nominees, but we’ll have to wait for the final result. 

Brie Larson
From; Room
Room is nominated for a staggering 80 plus awards, with Brie Larson landing Best Actress nominations across the board. Brie already has a number of credits under her belt, so brush up before awards season begins.

Bel Powley
From; The Diary Of A Teenage Girl
From CBBC’s MI High and Benidorm to The Diary Of A Teenage Girl, Bel Powley is breaking out from the small screen with one of the most talked-about films of the year. Watch it now. 

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