Leonardo DiCaprio Has Shaved Off His Beard, To The Relief Of Women Everywhere

Leonardo DiCaprio Has Shaved Off His Beard, To The Relief Of Women Everywhere

BREAKING NEWS: Leonardo DiCaprio has finally come to his senses, and shaved off that monstrosity of a beard...

Ladies, the wait is over. Leonardo DiCaprio has FINALLY shaved off his unsightly facial hair, ditched his man bun, and is actually starting to look like his old self again. 

While he still managed to bag a hot new girlfriend whilst sporting his facial fuzz, we can imagine his new, clean-cut look is just as much of a relief to Kelly Rohrbach as it is to the rest of the female population. Don't get us wrong, we've got nothing against a bit of facial hair - in fact, we reckon some stars look hella' hot with their fuzz - but after months of sporting a bushy beard, seeing Leonardo's gorgeous face is like coming home...


However, he's not alone. For some reason, lots of hot A-list hunks have been sporting utterly awful facial hair over the last few months. Has there been a shortage of razors in Hollywood this summer? It certainly looks like it! Here are just some of the stars who need to follow Leo's lead...

Jamie Dornan's handlebar 'tash
Jamie became a frequent fixture in all of our NSFW dreams when he was cast in Fifty Shades of Grey last year and, once seeing the film for ourselves, our obsession with the Irish actor only intensified. 

However, since he began working on other projects and films, he started to overhaul his look. And while he still looks utterly gorgeous, there was one new addition that weren't impressed with. Taking to his Instagram account, Jamie shared a selfie of himself on the set of his new flick rocking a new, very questionable accessory... 

Yep, that's Jamie alright. With a handlebar moustache. The illusion is shattered. 

The 'porn star' moustache is one of the most iconic facial hair trends of all time but now that the darker days of the '70s are well and truly behind us, the statement fuzz is now essentially a piece of fancy dress. However, Jamie's homegrown version is the real deal. 

If that wasn't enough, he decided to share a super close-up pic of his new 'tash which he simply captioned with the title of his new film, '#jadotville'. 

Why Jamie? Why?!

Jamie isn't the only hot A-list bloke to fall victim to terrible facial hair, as these hunks prove. While we're all for a spot of stubble or a well-groomed beardo, we reckon these guys should definitely consider cracking out the old razor, like, NOW. 

David Beckham's wino beard
Don't worry ladies! Victoria set him straight and he's now done the right thing and shaved this monstrosity off. But let this be a warning to any man considering a beard — if it can do THIS to Davey, what will it do to you? Think about it... 

Ryan Gosling's soul patch
Ok, let's overlook the dodgy moustache for a second focus on that triangle of fuzz under Ryan's bottom lip. We don't know about you, but our chins have the major heebie jeebies right now.

Brad Pitt's beardo beading
He may have shelved this look back in 2009 but it still haunts our dreams. There are just some things you can't unsee.

Aaron Taylor-Johnson's 'every which way facial hair' approach
Listen up Aaron, find your facial hair zen and stick to it! Curly locks, chin-grazing side burns and a stand-alone beard that circles into his upper-lip hair? There's just way too much going on here. Our suggestion? Get rid of it all. DO IT. For the sake of your wife and children. 

Johnny Depp's man-fuzz
Johnny, it's ok — some men just weren't meant to grow beards. And there's nothing wrong with that. Once you accept it, everything will feel a whole lot better. Promise. 

Jamie, have we made ourselves clear? 

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