An iPencil, Hermès For Apple and The Biggest iPad Ever: ALL The News From The Keynote Event

An iPencil, Hermès For Apple and The Biggest iPad Ever: ALL The News From The Keynote Event

Apple dropped some major announcements in California this week, including new emojis, a rose gold iPhone 6s and even an Apple Pencil. Here’s everything you need to know...

Apple announced some pretty major news in California this week, and while the fashion world might be most excited about a rose gold iPhone and Hermes Apple Watch, there’s a lot more going on. Apple Pencil for Christmas, anyone?

The Apple Watch
The Apple Watch is getting a makeover by Hermès, with three exclusive bands and a custom watch face on sale in October. The straps are all brown leather, in either regular, sporty or hand-stitched “double-tour” bands. An Apple Watch update will also drop on September 16th, where Apple Watch users will be able to use Facebook Messenger and watch GoPro live streams.   

iPad Pro
Apple unveiled the biggest addition to the iPad family, the iPad Pro. The iPad pro isn’t the lightest or cheapest tablet around (prices range from £500 to £700), but this iPad is meant to be amazing for graphic designers, playing video games and watching films – including these Netflix documentaries. There’s even a supposed 10 hours of usage between charges. You’ve got until November to save up.  

Apple Pencil
Yep, we’re not joking. After Steve Jobs said in 2010 “if you see a stylus, they blew it”, Apple have gone and done exactly that with the Apple Pencil, aka a stylus. It’s pretty much a retro tech accessory for 2015, but if anyone is going to make people pay $99 for a pencil, it’s Apple. Apparently the sensors in the tip of the stylus mimics a real pencil on paper. We’ll see about that…  

iPhone 6S
It comes in rose gold, it has an extended battery life and there are new emojis (CHEESE, FINALLY). If that’s not enough to have you racing to the Apple store when the phone is released in six weeks, maybe you’ll like the even higher definition camera, live photos (think rippling water) and a new selfie button. There’s also 3D Touch, which means you can call up different functions by pressing the screen ‘firmly’.

Apple TV
Picking up a remote is so 2014. The new Apple TV remote will work with voice recognition (Siri is a babe once again), and can even suggest what you might want to watch based on your usage. If you want to keep things old school, the remote also has a touch pad. The new Apple TV box can also play video games, and is connected to the App store. Just in time for winter nights in…

Which update are you most excited about?

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