The 2015-isms We Won’t Be Sad To See The Back Of

The 2015-isms We Won’t Be Sad To See The Back Of

From words to facial hair trends, here are 14 things we got kind of bored of this year...

It’s basically the Internet’s fault. Nowadays, we get too much exposure to people, trends, words and pretty much everything.

In a time when it’s possible to actually get bored of someone’s face, it’s not surprising some annoying things are riling us up.

Here are the biggest culprits...

1.    The word ‘bae’. Literally (yes, literally) WHAT?!

2.    The misuse of the word ‘literally’. This has been going on for years but LITERALLY, enough.

3.    Beards. When this whole thing started, it was kind of cool and now it’s just ludicrously overdone. We’re not saying clean shaven, just a healthy stubble.

4.    Tattoos, for the same reason as beards. And don’t even get us started on the combo (unless you're David Beckham).

5.    Leonardo DiCaprio not winning an Oscar. Though it’s mildly amusing, we’re really starting to feel sorry for the guy.

6.    Avocado toast. Apparently the superfood is going to go extinct, or whatever fruit and vegetables do.

7.    Celeb squad selfies. You’re famous and you have friends, we get it.

8.    #NoFilter. X-Pro II-ing is so over people, it’s all about au naturel so you don’t have to say it. Unless, of course, you’ve filtered the s**t out of it and then it’s still mildly amusing.

9.    On fleek. We have no idea where this came from but we wish it would go back there.

10.  Donald Trump. Unless he’s being attacked by an eagle.

11.  All the feels. The phrase doesn’t make us feel all the ‘feels’, just one: intense nausea.

12.  ‘You’ve been doing x wrong your whole life’… Have I, have I really? Well, how I cut mango, keep wires untangled, pack clothes, organise cleaning products and scramble eggs seems to be doing me just fine, thanks.

13.  Starring things for emphasis. This is *really* annoying.

14.  Social media congratulation. ‘You joined Facebook 10 years ago!’, ‘You were young a MILLION years ago!’…  Just an unwelcome reminder of our ageing visage, and creepier as it’s from a computer.

(Disclaimer: We know we may or may not have been guilty of one or more of these in the past 12 months.)

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