Anne Hathaway's 'Wrecking Ball' Spoof Is EVERYTHING

Anne Hathaway's 'Wrecking Ball' Spoof Is EVERYTHING

Anne Hathaway is the latest celeb to take to the Lip Sync Battle stage with her rendition of Miley Cyrus' Wrecking Ball now going viral. Trust us, you need to see it

Anne Hathaway put her method acting skills to very good use over the course of the Easter weekend as she made her debut on the hit US TV show Lip Sync Battle, with the teaser video from her performance since going viral. Yes, it's THAT good. Check it out below...

In case you haven't heard about the hilarious new programme (which we guarantee will become your new YouTube fix after watching this), in a nutshell it sees a host of A-listers lip sync their way through iconic songs, battling it out to put on a show that'll win them the audiences' vote. And because the stars don't actually have to sing the words, it allows them to work up routines so intense that they could make a Britney Spears performance circa 2000 look thrown together and weak.

That's exactly what 32-year-old actress Anne burst onto the stage, miming her way through Miley Cyrus' iconic anthem Wrecking Ball

It's definitely fair to say that after cutting her hair whilst belting out the entirety of the ballad I Dreamed A Dream in one take in the film adaptation of Les Misérables. Anne doesn't do anything half-assed; including lip syncing as it turns out.

Working a white crop top, black tracksuit bottoms, slicked back hair, long white talons and a sexy red pout, Anne totally nailed the Miley, err, vibe.

After getting the first verse down, Anne proceeds to whip off her trousers, revealing a pair of super shot shorts underneath. Then taking an epic run and jump, she launches herself onto her very own wrecking ball in the middle of the stage. Yep — we told you it's GOOD. 

However, our fav part in the entire skit has to be when Anne, whilst swinging back and forth on the ball, turns to fellow actress Emily Blunt (one of the co-creators behind the show) and flips her off. Don't worry, it's all fun and games though — skip to 0.34 on the video to see Emily's reaction... 

Check out Anne's epic turn as Miley Cyrus for yourselves below — we don't know about you but it's just the thing to help ease us into work again after the long bank hol. Enjoy!

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