Anne Hathaway Serves Up The Most Brilliant Comeback To Amy Schumer's Oscar Jibe

Anne Hathaway Serves Up The Most Brilliant Comeback To Amy Schumer's Oscar Jibe

Anne Hathaway shows us her brilliant/hilarious/I ain't gonna take this lying down side as she responds to Amy Schumer's joke about her Oscar. Yep, this is all the sass...

Anne Hathaway is many things — an award-winning actress, a fashion icon, an immense lip-syncer and a charity do-gooder to name a few — but now she can officially add 'hero' to her CV, as that's how we now see her.

All-round funny woman Amy Schumer is the star of the upcoming film Trainwreck (which she also penned, FYI), and for those of you who have already seen the flick, you're no doubt still belly laughing at the hilarious one-liner that references 32-year-old Anne's 2013 Oscar win for Best Supporting Actress for her role in Les Misérables. For those of you who haven't, the scene goes a bit like this...

In the movie, Schumer’s character chastises her boyfriend Aaron, played by Bill Hader, for carrying around his Doctors Without Borders award, saying he’s toting it around 'like Anne Hathaway at an Oscar party.' to be fair, she did hold onto that thing the ENTIRE night, didn't she? 

And while many other stars would be offended at the jibe, Anne clearly saw the funny side, as her latest Instagram snap proves (yes, Anne Hathaway has Instagram! Who knew?). 

Apparently the buzz surrounding the joke at her own expense was enough to make Anne want to see it for herself so, on Monday evening, she casually headed down to her local cinema and sat herself down to take in the LOLs. After the film was finished, she took to her Insta-account to share a snap of her ticket stub, which we hilariously captioned: 'Dear @AmySchumer, Don't pretend like when you win your Oscar- which you could for your brilliant and refreshing writing and/or acting in @TrainwreckMovie - you won't tote it around to every Oscar party you go to. Way to slay, Annie.'

We don't know about you, but we've got MAJOR respect for Anne after reading that! And we're not the only ones. Amy herself was also pleasantly surprised by Anne's stellar reaction, and took to Twitter to sing the actress' praises.

Say hello to Hollywood's newest BFFs. Amy and Anne, we love you guys!

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