Anna Kendrick Live Tweeted Something We Can ALL Relate To

Anna Kendrick Live Tweeted Something We Can ALL Relate To

Anna Kendrick has done it again – she live tweeted one of the most stressful situations anybody can go through, and we totally relate. It’s time…

Anna Kendrick is known for her unfiltered Twitter feed, sharing everything from her need for a leg-wax to, umm, fancying Ryan Gosling. Yes, you know the tweet we’re talking about. But this weekend, Anna went through a seriously stressful situation and live tweeted the whole thing. It’s every woman’s worst nightmare… it’s time to clear out your wardrobe. If you need some tips, we've got some expert advice for organising your wardrobe


The Pitch Perfect star live tweeted her new season clear out at the weekend, battling stray bobby pins and recycling in the process. From your sixteen pairs of black leggings to that holey hoody you insist on sleeping in, clearing our your wardrobe at least once a year is a necessary evil to make you the chic, streamlined woman you know you are on the inside. No more crumpled blouses – the new you will be refined, minimal and have everything hung on its appropriate hanger…or at least you’ll try.

So how did this all go down, you ask? It started with the existential question of which hangers are the best for non-slip sartorial storage – fashion editors have long been proclaiming that velvet is the clear winner in this category, but Anna reckons H&M have done it better. The conclusion? Fans agreed, with one musing “good hangers are hard to find”. Next, far too many bras, none of which probably fit properly. Then it was the novelty buys that are so hard to throw away because ‘you never know when you’ll need fancy dress’, including a blue wig.

Stray hair grips and old make-up are next to face the cull, getting tested along the way until you reach peak “full Kylie level beat face” with “your (male) bff”. We’ve all been there, Anna, and we totally agree with your cleaning finale - wine. The soundtrack to this vicious annual event? Grammy award winning choir Pentatonix. All we need now is some Instagram evidence of the neat and tidy walk-in, just like these celebrity wardrobes.

Anna, we feel you. We can’t bear to throw away our college leavers hoody, or that t-shirt that we stole from our first love. But if you can do it, maybe we can too... 

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