14 Times Anna Kendrick Completely Slayed It On Social Media

14 Times Anna Kendrick Completely Slayed It On Social Media

Anna Kendrick knows how to be completely hilarious on social media...

Anna Kendrick is one girl that knows how to work social media, and honestly, if you haven't been privvy to Anna Kendrick's Twitter feed then you're in for a tweet treat. Life advice, relationships and, err... sexy soufflés are just a few of the gutsy topics Anna likes to cover and comment on via Twitter, using that dry and deadpan wit we've all come to love her for.

And, don't even begin to get us started on Anna Kendrick's Instagram. It's basically a who's who of cool celeb pals (the amount of Justin Timberlake 'hanging out BBF' pics are trés enviable), and how to style out your long-haul flight attire like a complete normal person. Anna Kendrick, we love you, your movies, and your lifespo.

So, in case you haven't seen what a boss Anna Kendrick is across most social media platforms, here are some of the times she's absolutely slain it.

Anna Kendrick AKA social media hero. We salute you.

1. That time she nerded out at Harry Potter 

Anna (like us) is a complete Potterhead. 


2. When she identified that squash is a tricksy vegetable

Hey Anna, we completely get it.



3. That time she identified with (slightly) offbeat little girls everywhere

I mean, it's not like we tortured Barbie ALL the time...



4. Just hanging with Snoop Dogg

Who doesn't?


That time I was a bodyguard #Snoop #TheOneAndOnly 👑

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5. And that time Anna Kendrick understood our need for a grey tracksuit

Simply because, sometimes style needs to be damn comfy.


6. When she basically outlined texting etiquette

It's a no-brainer. Don't make it weird.



7. And summed up everyone's ideal man in one tweet

Amen sister.


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8. That time she sexually objectified a soufflé on Twitter

Come on guys, baked goods can be pretty sexy.



9. Anna Kendrick officially makes plane style look too darn fly

And no obligatory A-lister pashmina in sight. We love.



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10. Just cruising on a speedboat in Cannes...

...with Justin Timberlake. No biggie.


I'm on a boat #Cannes 📷@gregwilliamsphotography

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11. On relationships...

She does have a point.



12. When she pulled a pretty cool 'metal face'

Rock on Anna Kendrick.


13. On being a life coach



14. And finally, when she suffers an existential crisis and makes it totally relatable

Anna, you are our spirit animal.



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