Angelina Jolie Just Held The Best Birthday Party, And You’ve Definitely Already Been There

Angelina Jolie Just Held The Best Birthday Party, And You’ve Definitely Already Been There

Brad and Angelina celebrated their twins’ seventh birthday at the weekend, and their choice of party venue is somewhere we’ve ALL been to…

Can you believe Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s twins are already seven years old?! Nope, neither can we, but the brood are growing up fast, and the family aren’t about to let their superstar status get in the way of celebrating these milestone moments.

The whole family headed out to celebrate Knox and Vivienne Jolie-Pitt turning another year older on July 12th, and their choice of party venue might be a little surprising. Forget hiring out the whole of Disneyland a la Kim Kardashian-West, Ange and Brad instead took the whole family for a spin around an ice rink, bundling up the twins in snow hats and mittens, according to a source. How cute?! We’d love to see Brad and co. all cosy as they whizz across the rink, and we’re betting the cool climate was a nice change from the LA heatwave.

Maddox, Pax, Zahara and Shiloh, who told the world she wanted to be referred to as John late last year, were snapped leaving the Iceland Ice Skating Centre on Sunday, along with friends of the famous twins who joined the family on a rented bus. The birthday group also tested out the icy bumper cars - no news on who took a tumble landed on their bum, though.

If you wanted even more proof that the Jolie-Pitt family are just like any normal household, Brad and Ange were later spotted digging into a couple of footlongs at their local Subway – meatball marinara and chicken teriyaki, apparently, as well as a few kids meals. The twins also picked up some presents at Toys 'R' Us - the warehouse of dreams for any child. It's not all fun and games though - a week later, Angelina made sure the twins also picked up some reading material to keep their brains active from a store in Studio City. The trio left with three heaving bags of books and other goodies.

See! Celebrities can be just like us - we’ve pretty much all had that exact birthday (just swap Subway for McDonald’s golden arches) at least once, and if it’s good enough for Knox and Vivienne…

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