Amy Molyneux was chatting to reporters at last week's Mulberry party and revealed that Winehouse is in talks with the brand about co-designing a selection of pieces. The star is still hanging out enjoying the sunshine in St Lucia where she's gone to try and escape her seemingly Camden-dwelling demons. She's not managed to escape them entirely however, having made a drunken appearance on stage earlier this month, disappointing fans and finally cutting her performance short.

Perhaps a positive, creative project is what the girl needs to get her back on track? The results would certainly be fabulous; with her quirky 50s pin-up style and armfuls of vintage-look tattoos we wouldn't be surprised if there was more than a nod a rockabilly look; we're thinking cropped shirts, pin-up style dresses and headscarves. All accompanied by the essential beehive, naturally.

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By Pat McNulty