5 Life Lessons We Learned From Amy Schumer’s New Book

5 Life Lessons We Learned From Amy Schumer’s New Book

Amy Schumer talks growing up female, being in an abusive relationship and her problem with the term ‘plus-size’

Amy Schumer is a lot of things; side-splittingly funny, fiercely real on Instagram and most of all, she’s brutally honest.

In her new book, The Girl With The Lower Back Tattoo, Amy discusses everything from dating an athlete with, shall we say, extraordinary assets to her dad’s Multiple Sclerosis, making Amy quite literally an open book.

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Although Amy issues a disclaimer that The Girl With The Lower Back Tattoo has, in capitals, ‘NO SELF HELP INFO OR ADVICE FOR YOU’, this book is actually pretty amazing as a guide for dealing with some tough situations. Yeah there’s loads hilarious anecdotes about the life of Schumer, but Amy also tackles some tricky topics in a relatable, non-preachy, honest and empowering way…

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1. Anyone can find themselves in an abusive relationship. Domestic abuse is a serious issue, and one that happens more than you think. You might not see strong, funny, confident Amy as a victim of emotional and physical abuse, but it happened, so don’t be ashamed about making a change in your life. 

2. Ditto for sexual assault. If you didn’t give your consent, it shouldn’t have happened, even if you’re in a relationship with the person who did it. It might be confusing at the time, but take a step back and listen to Amy when she says ‘people who commit sexual assault should have to pay the consequences for their actions’.       

3. Her problem with the term ‘plus-size’ is actually justified. A lot of people criticised the way Amy handled being referred to as plus-size earlier in the year, especially after she’s been so vocal against airbrushed, unattainable bodies, but her explanation is crystal clear – it’s not being included in that category that frustrated Amy, it’s the whole idea that plus-size or curvy women are in any way different to women who fit a size 6.  

4. Being a comedian takes a lot of legwork. Literally. Amy slogged her way around the country to practice, practice, practice, learning from the shows that didn’t get a single laugh to make the ones that brought the house down better. The key to a successful career? Never give up, no matter how much people try and convince you otherwise.  

5. You're not alone. The most important lesson we learned from The Girl With The Lower Back Tattoo? That growing up female can be confusing, hard, frustrating and downright awful at times, but we're all going through similar issues. If Amy can do it, so can you.

Women (actually, men too) of the world, you need to read this book.

The Girl With The Lower Back Tattoo by Amy Schumer is out now

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