Amanda Seyfried plays Darby, a free spirited hip-hop lover

Amanda doing the Dougie?!

Amanda Seyfried has played a huge range of characters, from young Sophie in Mamma Mia to Amanda Lovelace, infamous porn star. She’s done dramas, musicals, comedies and even Westerns, but her latest turn as a hip-hop lover in 2014’s While We’re Young was still pretty surprising.

The blonde, blue-eyed beauty, who admits she went to four proms because she loved the ballroom atmosphere, puts her all into these urban dance scenes as the free spirited and spontaneous Darby, into meditation and making ice cream (Amanda actually does make hats, you know). She drags Naomi Watts and Ben Stiller along for the ride, who play a married couple stuck in a rut and desperate for some youthful energy to give them their spark back.

We’re going to guess that neither Amanda or Naomi are huge street dance enthusiasts, but their performance in the dance class is both hilarious and impressive. While Amanda learned some street choreography especially for this scene (and says she can still remember most of it), Naomi went completely freestyle. Those dance lessons in acting school paid off, then. Amanda was more of a singer, (we say more of, she’s professionally trained) calling it her ‘first love’, and has even written a few songs.

Check out the clip below, which also includes exclusive interviews with Naomi and Amanda on that scene, their thoughts on their characters and what had them crying with laughter on set. Our favourite part of this featurette? Naomi and Ben absolutely losing all inhibitions at the end – isn’t this the way all dancing should be?

If you want to see the whole film, catch Amanda and Naomi on July 27th on Blu-Ray and DVD, or watch While We’re Young online as a digital download.