George & Amal Clooney Awkwardly Mismatch Their Date Night Outfits (We Feel You, Amal)

George & Amal Clooney Awkwardly Mismatch Their Date Night Outfits (We Feel You, Amal)

Amal Clooney looks ready to hit the club. George looks ready to hit the co-op. #RelationshipProblems.

It's fair to say that George Clooney is more than a bit smitten with his new wife Amal [Alamuddin] — in fact, head over heels probably sums up his feelings towards her more adequately.

Now that she's fast become one of the most famous women on the planet and has subsequently been hounded by the paps ever since the pair set a wedding date, he now — rather reluctantly we imagine — has to share her with the world. Taking her new found fame in her stride, Amal has managed to win over the media and the public alike with her undisputed style earning her many accolades from those in the know. However, what does George think of her blossoming fashion sense?

Speaking to Entertainment News, George was open and honest about his opinion of Amal's outfit choices, saying: 'It's amazing, because she's always — since the day I met her — she's always had this insanely... it's eccentric, but it's a fun sense of fashion. How she does it while she's got 11 cases she's working on, and she was teaching at Columbia, and she's still like, "I want to wear that dress." It's crazy. It has been sort of fascinating to watch, because she has such great taste.' So, Amal's style according to George in a nutshell? Eccentric. 

Looking back at Amal's recent choices, however, it's hard to find one that George could really criticise. Here's how her latest outfits fare in the 'eccentric' stakes...

What: A gold lamé dress and high heels
Where: George's Ibiza beach party
Eccentricity Rating: 1/5
Our Verdict: While she looks hot, the most eccentric thing about this look is how uncoordinated Amal and George's outfits actually are. While she's ready to hit the club, George's casual emsemble sticks out like a sore thumb in comparison. Don't worry, Amal - this is an issue we've ALL had with our other halves...

Come on, Georgie - put some ruddy effort in. 

What: A black lace one-shoulder jumpsuit
Where: On a girls night out with Stella McCartney. As you do. 
Eccentricity Rating: 3/5
Our Verdict: This has to be one of Amal's sexiest looks to date. From the slinky cut, one-shoulder neckline and that layered lace finish, this outfit is sizzling. We like the citrus hit clutch, though those nude courts are a bit too safe for our liking, attributing to her mid-way score.

What: A pink panel top complete with a frilly hem skirt
Where: At the premiere of George's new flick, Tomorrowland
Eccentricity Rating: 2/5
Our Verdict: While this may not be the most outlandish attire, it definitely beats a failsafe LBD. We love the origami-style hem of the skirt as it adds a very cool spin to what could be a plain sailing look. 

What: Ripped jeans and a Balenciaga leather biker
Where: Walking her pooch around NYC
Eccentricity Rating: 2.5/5
Our Verdict: Amal takes what could be a standard outfit and give it an off-beat spin with throwback ASH wedge trainers

What: Alexander McQueen floral dress
Where: Date night with George
Eccentricity Rating: 1/5
Our Verdict: While we like this look, it has to be Amal's most paired back attire of recent weeks. Classy, but no cigar

What: Gucci python trim blouse and camel coloured skirt
Where: Drink coffee inbetween lectures
Eccentricity Rating: 3/5
Our Verdict: Snakeprint and acid brights for the lecture hall? If that's not eccentric we don't know what is...

What: A yellow coat, a patterned skirt and ornate earrings
Where: Another date with George on her arm
Eccentricity Rating: 2/5
Our Verdict: It may not be out there but Amal gets an A* from us in the co-ordination stakes. Note how she's picked up on the yellow hue within the print with her cover-up? Inspired

What: Giambattista Valli printed flares and fluffy crop top
Where: You guessed it! Date night No.3 with George in NYC
Eccentricity Rating: 5/5
Our Verdict: Bright yellow, geo print, a stomach-baring top and faux fur?! Now THIS is what George was talking about...

Nice work, Mrs Clooney...

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