Amal Clooney Delivered THE Sassiest Fashion Put-Down

Amal Clooney Delivered THE Sassiest Fashion Put-Down

'Amal, Amal; who are you wearing?' has to be the most awkward question anyone asked this week...

Amal Clooney may have had her time in the fashion spotlight, you know, after marrying George Clooney — one of the most famous men in the world — last year but now that she's officially back to work as a high-profile human rights lawyer, she's no doubt got better things to worry about than what designer is going to dress her next. 

Apparently, this is a notion that has gone over the heads of some people with one person in particular getting a cool taking down by the 36-year-old Brit when he asked her, in all fairness, a very stupid question. 

Working on an extremely sensitive case in a Turkish court this week, Amal was focused on getting the task at hand done. However, instead of being able to keep her head down, one journalist in the court-room decided to ask her who she was wearing for her appearance. 


Now you don't need to be a fashion expert to know that, when in court, Christian Dior gowns and Chanel twill suits don't tend to be the usual attire so, pointing to her black barristers cloaked garbs, Amal laughed off the silly quip by stating, 'I'm wearing Ede and Ravencroft.' 


No, you're not missing something; Ede and Ravencroft just so happen to be expert robe makers to the likes of members of parliament, judges, lord provosts and the such like, and it looks like Amal is an avid customer when her day job calls for ceremonial gowns, which is a lot of the time. 

Maybe we should all save the classic 'who are you wearing?' question for premieres, parties and awards ceremonies exclusively from here on out. Just to be safe... 

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