WATCH: Would Alicia Vikander Make A Good Spy? We Found Out…

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Alicia Vikander talks scraped knees, Matt Damon’s pranks and the one piece of spy equipment she wants IRL

Alicia Vikander; Oscar winning actress, trained ballet dancer and super-sneaky spy?! We caught up with Alicia ahead of her role in the hugely anticipated Jason Bourne, and from what she told us, she’ll fit right in to Bourne’s wild world.

Playing CIA agent Heather Lee, Alicia is more brains than brawn in the fifth Jason Bourne flick, where Jason is back to try to uncover some hidden truths about his past. There’s twists, turns and a whole lot of drama along the way, and trust us when we say that Alicia more than holds her own against Matt Damon, Julia Stiles and Vincent Cassel.

Speaking of Matt Damon, Alicia had to stay on her toes with Matt around. The resident prankster was known for pulling jokes and pranks on the cast, and even the entire crew at the CIA hub.

As for stunts, Alicia says that her make-up artists spend the most time covering up the scars on her knees whenever she’s got a big event; ‘I’m probably one of the most clumsy people. If you look at my knees my make up team spend some time filling up all the marks. I look like a 10-year-old who’s been out playing. I really do enjoy those stunts, but I have to watch out’.

The perfect spy uniform? ‘I love the hair clip that they let me get for my character, because it feels like one of those things that all girls have at home when you really need to get down to work and be productive, you just need to get your hair up’. Alicia, we feel you.

And the one spy skill Alicia would love to be able to do? ‘Fly. If I could make a machine to do that, that would be amazing’.

Jason Bourne is out now in UK cinemas, but if you can’t wait, check out the full trailer below

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