Alexa Chung Shows Us How To Throw A House Party

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From LA to New York to London, life's just one long house party for Alexa Chung

When Alexa Chung launched her highly coveted denim collection for AG in January, it was call for celebration (for us as much as her). And if anyone knows how to have a good time at a party, or how to throw one for that matter, it's Ms Chung.

But why just have one party when you can have three? That was clearly Alexa's thinking when she heralded in her AC for AG collection in not one, not two but three cities – LA, New York and London.

And while we couldn't make it to all of the shindigs ourselves, this video shows just what we were missing out on. It certainly makes our Saturday night house parties look a little less salubrious. Kettle chip and warm white wine, anyone?

Kicking off under the palm tress in LA, the video shows Alexa partying poolside with her ever-stylish pals, before heading onto New York to continue the frivolities, finally ending her run in a penthouse apartment in London with Dev Hynes providing the music (and what looks like a spot of karaoke from Alexa).

Roll on the weekend is all we can say...

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