Alexa Chung reveals hair crush on Gisele Bündchen!

Alexa Chung reveals hair crush on Gisele Bündchen!

Identical outfits and serious Gisele Bündchen hair envy, Alexa Chung shares her love for all things fashion

Alexa Chung revealed the inspiration behind her now-iconic style, plus shared her thoughts on copy-cat fashionistas, not to mention her major hair crush on Gisele Bündchen.

The model and TV presenter has already carved herself a hugely successful career, but it seems her love of all things fashion reach well outside the designer stores, shops and her own wardrobe. Noting singer Patti Smith as her major style influence, Alexa shared that she; “like[s] people who have a uniform…. I like the way you know what Patti Smith is going to wear.”

With Alexa's "uniform" being a strong influence on designers and fashion fans alike, she revealed: "I turned on the TV and I saw someone wearing a Peter Pan-collared dress and loafers and a bob. I can’t reclaim that, can I? It’s my dream, really. Can you imagine how happy I am that everyone looks exactly as I want them to? I don’t want that to feed into my opinions and what I do with my life.”

Proving her very own point, Alexa and BFF Daisy Lowe were also recently spotted out wearing matching outfits that consisted of rolled-up denim cut-offs and similar coloured tops.

Alexa Chung and Daisy Lowe

And while AC is known for her trend-setting tousled, mussed-up long bob, the fashionista surprisingly shared how she in factwanted a more polished look citing model Gisele Bündchen as her major hair envy:"… I’m sure that’s everyone’s dream. She has that really sun-kissed look."

Ms Chung never fails to surprise and wow us.


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