Alexa Chung Heads To Malawi With Oxfam To Fight For Women's Equal Rights

Alexa Chung Heads To Malawi With Oxfam To Fight For Women's Equal Rights
Liz Matthews PR/Instagram

Alexa ditches the fashion circuit to give back as she heads to Malawi with Oxfam on a women's equality charity mission

Alexa Chung is no stranger supporting some of the world's most important charities, and her latest trip is no different. 

The 30-year-old TV presenter and fashion aficionado took to her Instragram account to share the news that she has travelled with international charity Oxfam to Malawi; one of the most poverty-stricken countries in the world. 

Liz Matthews PR/Instagram

Along with her friend and PR mogul, Liz Matthews, Alexa joined forces with the renowned charity to see first-hand the great work they're doing for the people of the landlocked country and to support their global equality campaign.

Along the way she's had the chance to meet, greet, dance and have fun with some of people Oxfam's projects have immeasurably aided, taking the time to get to know them, their lives and daily struggles.

Liz Matthews PR/Instagram

However, she has also witnessed the harrowing life many of these women lead. Taking to social media to talk about her trip, Alexa shared with us a story of a life-changing meeting.

She writes, 'I met a midwife yesterday who works in a team of four to treat 300 women a day, some of whom perish in childbirth due to a lack of equipment or transport' adding that 'there have been tales of domestic abuse and children being married off at 14 and all the other fun stuff that comes from not being considered an equal. Oxfam is great, people can be great, female empowerment is vital'. Wow, well said Alexa. 

Starting the hashtag, #YouGoGirl, Alexa is just one of the many celebrities who are using their influence on fans and followers to spread awareness of the plight that still effects most of the world, whether we acknowledge it or not.

Get behind the project by following Oxfam on Twitter @Oxfamgb and show your support by hash-tagging #YouGoGirl. 

By Maxine Eggenberger

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