Alexa Chung gets a show on MTV

Alexa Chung gets a show on MTV

Alexa Chung has moved stateside and bagged her own show on MTV.

She's the model turned presenter who made a name for herself presenting Popworld with Alex Zane. Since then Alexa Chung has gone stellar what with an Arctic Monkey for a boyfriend and now her own TV show on US MTV.

The Alexa Chung Show is due to hit American TV screens in June and will incorporate social networking sites Facebook and Twitter so that viewers can get involved. - MTV even tells us people will be able to upload videos of themselves which will then air on the programme. There will also be music and celebrity chat, all delivered with Alexa's trademark sarcastic wit.

And it's fair to say Alexa's gone up in the world since her TV career began; gone are the days when she was stuck in a dusty corner of a tape storage room penning links with co-presenter Alex Zane - she's been given her own office on the 23rd floor of MTV HQ in Times Square and she says in the Independent: "If I crane my neck I can see all the flashing neon signs on 42nd Street from my window, it's ridiculous, I feel like I'm about to be found out." We promise we won't tell, Alexa!

By Pat McNulty

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