Serial: What’s Happening With Adnan Syed Now?

Serial: What’s Happening With Adnan Syed Now?

It's still THE true crime podcast

Making A Murderer, Untold: The Daniel Morgan Murder — all true crime podcasts and programmes are still compared to Serial, the 12-part podcast series which aired in 2014.

Series one analysed the case of Adnan Syed, who was charged with the murder of his former girlfriend Hae Min Lee. Lee, a student at at Woodlawn High School, went missing in the January of 1999 and was found dead in Leakin Park in the February. After a complicated trial, Syed was given a life sentence, of which he’s served fifteen years.

The Retrial

It was a case with multiple inconsistencies — which Sarah Koenig, creator of Serial, explored — but ultimately Adnan was convicted. He’s been serving a life sentence in Baltimore Prison but, it was announced last week, he’s having a retrial on the basis that the original verdict lacked foundation and he received 'ineffective assistance' from his attorney Cristina Gutierrez. Basically, what Koenig proved is Syed didn't receive a fair trial.

This is pretty massive news — it means that he's not convicted.

Baltimore Circuit Court Judge Martin P. Welch’s reason for granting the retrial is based on a lack of research into evidence in Syed’s first trial — specifically, the cell phone tower locations which appeared to put Syed in Leakin Park when witness Jay Wilds said he and Syed were burying Lee’s body, which was considered the foundation of the state’s case.

The Book

In other Serial news, Asia McClain, who attests that she saw and spoke to Syed at the time the state says he was killing Lee, has recently had a book published called Confessions Of A Serial Alibi. McClain said she send two letters, though was never contacted by Syed's attorney.

So, did he do it? The question on (now 80 million) lips. Watch this space for more updates on the case...

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