18 Moments From Adele's Tour That'll Totally Make You Smile

18 Moments From Adele's Tour That'll Totally Make You Smile

Adele is amazing. Fact. Check out these super-special Adele tour moments and prepare to feel all fuzzy inside...

Adele is some woman.

Between penning number one albums, belting out tunes and basically being THE most ridiculously talented person ever, Adele has also given her fans some pretty special moments during her sold-out tour. From cuppas to marriage proposals, here are the 17 moments from Adele's tour we'll never forget.

May there be many, many more...

1. Adele's boyfriend Simon Konecki replaces Adele's confetti with love notes
When it comes to romantic gestures it doesn't get much bigger than replacing your girlfriend's show confetti in Nashville with love notes to celebrate your fifth anniversary.   

2. Adele dedicates her show to Brangelina
Adele gave a shout out to Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie during her NYC show, stating that their divorce was the 'end of an era'. She went on to dedicate the Madison Square Garden show to the couple. Bless.


3. Adele meets her impersonator
Adele wasted no time in getting her professional drag impersonator up on stage during the Seattle show. Along with a typical Adele-ism ('Oh my god!), the singer pulled up Kristie Champagne to join her and hug it out. Feels.


4. The Prince Tribute
When Adele kicked off the US leg of her 25 tour in Prince’s home state of Minnesota, she delivered the ultimate tribute. “I did maybe consider covering a song,” Adele reportedly told the crowd, “but f**k it, it’s Prince.” Damn straight, Adele. So, instead, she handed the mic over to the late purple one, opting to play his 1994 music video for 'The Most Beautiful Girl In The World' on a giant screen. What a legend.

5. The Freak Out
Bless her. Adele got a bit of a shock when she plucked two young girls from the audience in Amsterdam and brought them on stage. ‘I knew her when she was a baby!’ she freaked out before throwing in quite a few ‘oh my gods’ for good measure. Turns out one of them was the daughter of her cello player. Small world, eh?

6. The Fan Shut Down
Word to the wise, guys: leave the tripod at home. Turns out Adele, is not a fan of us filming her on stage and - surprise surprise - she isn't shy telling us why! What's more, we love her for it. 'Can you take your tripod down?' she said from the stage. 'This isn't a DVD, this is a real show.' She continued: “I'd really like you to enjoy my show because there's lots of people outside that couldn't come in." Too right, Adele.


7. The look-alike selfie
So, turns out that if you look a bit like Adele, chances are you'll be pulled up on stage with her for an honorary selfie. That's exactly what happened to fan Emily Bamforth in Birmingham's Genting arena on Tuesday. After fellow concert goers pointed out Emily's resemblance to the Hello singer, fiancé Tom Winkler took to social media to try and grab Adele's attention. Which of course, he did. Cue greatest moment ever.




8. The twerking
Adele it seems is as useless at twerking as the rest of us. Thank god. Our futile attempts at twerking in the past have made us look a bit like dancing toddlers, so it's refreshing to learn that Adele feels our pain. After attempting the dreaded (and somewhat sexy) dance at a London performance over the weekend, the star (through fits of laughter) exclaimed:

'I think I just twerked!'

'I can’t do it that well. My whole body has to move. My bum could break my back it’s so enormous.'

*sigh* we love you Adele...


9. The photobomb in Manchester
Adele kicked off her Manchester dates in style when she took it upon herself to get into a fan's selfie. Mum Kerry Scott couldn't believe her luck when she called out to the Hello singer for a sneaky snap between songs, and Adele (like a boss) was only too happy to oblige. 


Twitter/Kerry Scott


10. The alcopop 
One fan (also in Manchester) randomly offered Adele a bottle of Smirnoff Ice, which the Tottenham lass graciously accepted. She did admit however that she wouldn't be indulging in the alco-treat:

'I can't drink!' she exclaimed. 'I'm not allowed to drink for a whole year because I've got to do a f******g-hundred shows!'

Not one to look a gift horse in the mouth, Adele promised that the alcopop would passed on to her manager. What a champ.


12. She made a little girl's dreams come true
After spotting 12-year-old Emily Tammam and her pink 'It is my dream to sing with Adele' banner in the crowd, the songstress did the only thing we'd expect Adele to do, she pulled Emily up on stage to sing with her. Emily, who has autism and ADHD, managed to keep up with her idol by hitting all the high notes. If this vid doesn't get the tears going, nothing will.

13. She made ANOTHER little girl's dreams come true
Eleven-year-old Kate Judson had no idea when she travelled down from York to see Adele perform in Manchester that she'd actually get to meet her hero, but after spotting little Kate dancing along to her set, Adele waved and said:

'Hello darling, I see you little one.'

Kate is then pulled up onto the stage for an Adele squidge and a chat about music. Too much.

14. The marriage proposal
Spotting what she initially thought was a fight, Adele soon realised during her performance of Make You Feel My Love that the commotion was being caused by an impromptu marriage proposal. After pulling Natalie King and Johnny Biggle up onto the O2 stage to join her, Adele then gives the entire crowd ALL the emotion by exclaiming:

'That was the most beautiful thing I've ever witnessed at one of my shows. Thank you.'

15. The Irish duo
Irish lads Ronan Scolard and Glenn Murphy had no idea that a) the video medley of them performing Adele songs would go viral, and b) that Adele would actually watch said video and invite the pair up on stage to sing with her at Dublin's 3Arena. After an emotional performance, the pair received a standing ovation.

Stirring stuff.

16. The cuppa
Adele launched her world tour in Belfast with...a cup of Rosie Lee.

A girl after our own hearts.


LOVE her.

17. When the sound system cut-out and the crowd carried on for her
Adele never has much luck singing 'All I Ask' — she had that piano issue back at the Grammys and then during the Birmingham leg of her tour, the sound cut out half way through leaving the crowd to sing it! It's actually pretty amazing...

18. When she forgot the song lyrics
In Lisbon Adele totally forgot the lyrics to track 'Million Years Ago'. Her reaction? A throaty laugh plus a slew of expletives. Obvs.



19. Uh, Spice Girls cover?
Adele decided to give fans a little Spice Girls tribute during her Netherlands concert and well, we just can't deal. Apparently the actual Spice Girls were delighted. Natch.

Oh Adele. You rock...

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