Inside Adele’s Multi-Million Net Worth (Not Bad For A Girl From Tottenham)

Inside Adele’s Multi-Million Net Worth (Not Bad For A Girl From Tottenham)

Adele’s net worth just eclipsed every other young musician in the UK…

Adele has gone from a ‘girl from Tottenham who don’t like flying’ to a worldwide megastar in less than ten years, racking up platinum selling albums, record-breaking videos and millions of fans along the way.

After 3 albums, 12 singles and 3 worldwide tours, it’s no surprise that Adele has banked a fair bit of money over the years, but her net worth in total is still WAY more than you think it is. Are you ready for this?

According to the Sunday Times Rich List, which unveils the UK’s richest music stars under 30. Adele comes in at #1, with a net worth of £85 MILLION. Can you even imagine having that much money?!

What’s even more impressive is the fact that Adele’s net worth comes pretty much solely from her music career. There’s no perfume or make-up deal, no clothing range or shoe collection – there’s barely any photoshoots or interviews, never mind Instagram product endorsements or sponsorship deals.

That's a figure that's only set to get bigger, if rumours of a new contract are true. Leaving behind her original label XL, and jumping to Sony for a massive £90 million deal - the biggest pay packet in history for am Englush musician. That'll more than double her net worth. WOW.

Speaking of sponsorship deals, it’s no wonder Katy Perry’s net worth is as high as it is – the singer eclipses Beyonce’s net worth.

If we were Adele, we’d hold off on the next heartbreaking album and take a no-expense-spared holiday, maybe move into a mansion and splash out on a brand new car. Instead? Adele is quite happy at home with her son, Angelo, and partner, Simon.

The singer already checks in £40 million richer than Ed Sheeran, with Sam Smith earning £20 million and Ellie Goulding at #10 with £17 million. Shout out to Zayn Malik, who comes in at #7 with £30million individually, whereas the rest of his ex-Direction bandmates earned £33 million collectively.    

Adele has come a long way since her musical debut, but do you remember when she looked like THIS?! Relive Adele’s fashion transformation in full here. You won’t believe the secret to Adele’s weight loss, either (hint: you’re probably drinking it right now). 

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