Hello By Lionel Or Hello By Adele: Who Did It Better?

Intro Deck: 

She's back, but she's got competition....

Oh Adele. Old friend. We’ve seriously missed you and your Barbarella blow dry and ‘don’t mess wiv me’ nails. Watching your new video felt a bit like putting on our favourite onesie–all warm and comforting and hold all calls.
But then you went and called it Hello. And all we could think of was Lionel Richie wandering round a college in an 80’s blouson jacket, looking frankly kind of creepy.  

So in honour of your sublime new video, we’ve pitted you against the master – and see who nailed the Hello video – you or Mr Ritchie. 
Hello 1984 V Hello 2015
ADELE: Crumbling Canadian country house in need of some Shake n Vac – Adele enters and in true EastEnders style immediately puts the kettle on for ‘ a nice cuppa tea’

LIONEL: A college campus which Lionel wanders round aimlessly – popping into various classes shouting randomly ‘ HELLO’. Surprisingly no one escorts him off the premises

ADELE: Some fine work here. Impressive bear coats, serious ‘ talk to my publicist’ shades, the sort of beautiful scarves seen draped over mannequins in Libertys and the best brows in the business

LIONEL: Mr Ritchie is slightly less dramatic on the clothing front wearing an 80’s chunky knit under a Miami Vice style blazer complete with pushed up sleeves. He also sports an unintentionally cool throwback normcore  trainer

ADELE: Both videos start with the spoken word – Adele utters the very Made in Chelsea, ‘ I just got here and I think I’m losing signal already’

LIONEL: Lionel appears to be a lecturer of some sort, but it’s clear he favours a slightly ‘ hey guys call me Lio’ teaching approach as he begins his lecture with the words, “listen up everybody”
ADELE: Shouts it out to an abandoned countryscape but in fairness at least she’s on her own

LIONEL: Calls up a student and practically yells down the phone to her ‘ HELLO. IS IT ME YOU’RE LOOKING FOR?’ before abruptly replacing the receiver. Surprisingly she doesn’t call 911

ADELE: A deep “because I’m worth it’ look to camera

LIONEL: Says of the extraordinarily hideous sculpture his love interest has made of him, ‘ It’s…wonderful’

And as if Lionel could read our minds, the man himself posted this hilarious video mash up to his Instagram page at the weekend. That flip phone slam is brutal, Adele.


☎️😦 #hello @adele

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So who wins Lionel or Adele? You decide.

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