Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie: Team InStyle's Review Is In!

Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie: Team InStyle's Review Is In!

Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie... read the review here darling

So, was Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie any use?

Answer is, abso-bloody-lutely dahling. And I’ll tell you exactly why…

Hitting London’s Leicester Square last night for the Ab Fab screening post-Glastonbury and post-Brexit I have to admit, I was feeling (and have been feeling) more than a little disillusioned with Great Britain of late.

So, what could the sweetest end be to the shittiest of weeks? Watching two of our fabulous female greats reprising roles that define the essence of bonkers (and genius) British comedy - yes Patsy and Eddie, we’ve buggering well missed you sweeties, and thank Christ you’re back.

Directed by Mandie Fletcher (and starring Joanna Lumley and Jennifer Saunders, obvs) Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie opens with madcap hilarity (think FROW gatecrashing and Saffy delivering those signature shut downs… in a scrunchie) and reaches a dizzying champers-drenched peak when Eddie accidently bumps off Kate Moss. Yep, that’s right. She kills Kate Moss. Hilarious.

Cue: whole world goes into mourning, Eddie starts getting ‘trollied’ on Twitter and the two pals have no choice but to hatch a hair brained scheme to help get them out of what is a rather typically sticky Ab Fab sitch.

What follows is a ridiculous romp through the French Riviera, a ton of starry fashwan cameos, and a whole new load of quotable Ab Fab gold. Sure, it isn’t the series (it’ll never BE the series) but at a time when the UK needs a bit of a giggle, Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie is 1hr and 30 minutes of pure laugh-out-loud escapism. And damn, I really enjoyed it.

So people, if there is ONE thing you can do this weekend to cheer yourselves up (we’re looking at you 48%), please please please, go and see Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie… just make sure you have a mini bottle of Bolly in the handbag.

Fabulous darling.

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