7 Reasons Why Absolutely Anything Is The Film You Need To See Tonight

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Looking for a film to split your 2 for 1 Wednesday with tonight? Think aliens, think Kate Beckinsale, and think Robin Williams...

Heading to the cinema tonight? If you’re struggling to choose between Minions and Mission Impossible, allow us to make your decision a whole lot easier. Absolutely Anything, starring Simon Pegg and Kate Beckinsale, is a hilarious movie with an intergalactic twist that you’ll be happy to use your 2 for 1 EE Wednesday for. Don’t believe us? Let’s break down the reasons you need to book your tickets now...

1. Want to know what Simon Pegg would do with ultimate power? Pegg plays Neil Clarke, a humble earthling chosen by aliens to control everything, including the ability to raise the dead, make his dog talk and give himself a ripped body. Wouldn’t you?

2. Unfortunately, Neil was a test to see if the human race would use absolute power for good or selfish reasons. If Neil proved himself selfish, aliens would destroy the earth. Fair compromise, right? 

3. Simon actually turned down the lead role five years ago, as he was working on a similar film. Luckily, that film fell through and Simon agreed to sign on for Absolutely Anything.  

4. You’ll get to see Kate Beckinsale play the beautiful Catherine, Neil’s love interest who lives downstairs. Ex-boyfriend Colonel Grant (you might remember Rob Riggle from 22 Jump Street) isn’t making things easy, though.

5. Kate was thrilled to get stuck into a comedy role, after being seen mainly as an action hero or dramatic heroine: “I don’t have to beat anybody up in this movie, which makes a nice change”.

6. The film also features Sanjeev Bhaskar as Neil’s best friend, Joanna Lumley, Eddie Izzard and the Monty Python team, including John Cleese, Michael Palin and Eric Idle.

7. This is the late Robin Williams’ final film role, and although he doesn’t feature in person, you can hear him speak through Dennis The Dog.

Absolutely Anything is out in cinemas now.

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