17 Of The Best Ab Fab Quotes (Pass The Bolly, Sweetie)

17 Of The Best Ab Fab Quotes (Pass The Bolly, Sweetie)

Ab Fab quotes = you're welcome

Ab Fab quotes are probably the best way to get you through a dreary week.

To celebrate Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie opening July 1st, we've gotten together the very best Ab Fab quotes to make you feel utterly fabulous...

1. On... Body Image

Eddie: In this body there is a thin person dying to get out.
Gran: Just the one, dear?

2. On... Work Ethic

Saffie: I'm sorry, mum, but I've never seen what it is that you actually do.
Eddie: PRrr.
Saffie: Yes, but...
Eddie: PR. I PR things. People. Places. Concepts...
Patsy: ...Lulu.
Eddie: Lulu... I make the fabulous... I make the crap into credible. I make the dull into...
Patsy: ...Delicious.

3. Hatred

Patsy: [to Saffy] Oh you little BITCH TROLL FROM HELL.

4. On... Getting Old

Gran: Talking to yourself dear? That's the first sign of madness, you know.
Eddie: Really? I thought it was talking to you.

5. On... Diets

Eddie: Patsy hasn't eaten since 1974.
Patsy: A crisp, darling. A crisp.

6. On... Fate

Eddie: Look at me Sweetheart, huh, huh? One day you'll turn into me!
Gran: [sweetly] And you will turn into me, dear.

7. On... Pagers (Lol)

Eddie: Where's my thing? You know, my thing... my vibrating thing...
Patsy: Right by your bedside drawer, darling.
Eddie: Not THAT, not THAT!... My beeper, my beeper!
Patsy: Oh.
[fishes inside her skirt]
Patsy: Here.
Eddie: [disgusted] Keep it. I don't want it now. Don't WANT it now.

8. On... #LifeGoals


9. On... Pre-Drinks

Eddie: Is champers all right with you, Pats?
Patsy: Lovely, darling.
Eddie: Should we finish off the beluga or should we have some smoked salmon nibbly things?
Patsy: Oh, whatever, sweetie.
Eddie: All right, we'll finish off the beluga.

10. On... Vanity

Eddie: What do you see when you look in the mirror, darling?
Patsy: Me looking fabulous. What do you see?
Eddie: Yeah... Just the room.

11. On... Death

Eddie: The word on the old grave marker, the words on your grave marker. What is that?
Patsy: Oh, your epitomb.
Eddie: Your epitomb. What is it that you want on your epitomb?
Patsy: I want: "She was fantastic."..."Patsy was here."
Eddie: No, darling, you can just have "Patsy Stone".
Patsy: Oh, Eddy, Eddy. Wait for this. Wait for this: "Eddy: Still no thinner."
Eddie: These are really funny. We could sell those.

12. On... Sex Education

Eddie: I did tell you the facts of life, didn't I, sweetie?
Saffie: If you mean that time you sat on my bed and shook me awake at two in the morning, stoned out of your brain, and slurred into my ear 'By the way, sweetie, people have it off,' then yes, you told me the facts of life.

13. On... Motherhood

Eddie: [to Saffy] Oh, darling, Mummy loves you. On the day you were born, I *knew* I wanted you...
Patsy: However, the day after...

14. On... Trading Insults

Patsy: [to Saffy] You piece of filth!

15. On... Interiors

Eddie: What do you think of the kitchen, Pats?
Patsy: I think it's fabulous.
Saffie: It isn't done yet.
Eddie: No, sweetie. Maybe she's right. Maybe this IS fabulous.

16. On... Dating

Patsy: I can get you a man.
Eddie: Well, how?
Patsy: Pay.

17. On... Netflix

Bubble: I turned on the, ah, watchamacallit this morning. I want to say telephone. No, that's not right. You look at it.
Eddie: Television?
Bubble: That's it.

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