Kylie Is 'Over The Moon' - And So Are We. Why We Can't WAIT For The Ab Fab Movie

Kylie Is 'Over The Moon' - And So Are We. Why We Can't WAIT For The Ab Fab Movie

Ms Minogue is set to record the theme song. Excited much?!

Pop the champers ladies because Absolutely Fabulous is back with bells on! And well, we can't flipping wait!

Not only that, the one-and-only Kylie Minogue has just revealed she's very excited after being asked to record the legendary theme song, 'This Wheel's On Fire'.

The singer told The Sun: 'As a huge fan of the Ab Fab series and both Jennifer [Saunders] and Joanna [Lumley], I’m over the moon to be singing the theme song.'

You and us, both, Kylie. This summer Patsy and Eddie make their big screen debut in Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie and if the new full-length trailer is anything to go by, it’s already promising to be a complete hoot.

Fashion parties, PR schmooze-fests, the French Riviera and err, Nobu, provide the perfect backdrop for the Ab Fab ladies’ newest collection of capers, and (not meaning to create a complete #SpoilerAlert), Eddy kind of kills Kate Moss…

Yeah, that happens. See for yourself…

What follows is an on-the-run debacle as the two fash' fugitives try to escape the British press following Mossy's untimely demise. Eddie gets 'trollied' on social media (trolled?), and Pats' looks to be exploring her more masculine side...once again.

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Jennifer Saunders and Joanna Lumley reprise their roles as the wild (and growing old positively ungracefully) fashionista duo, joining original cast members Julia Sawalha (Saffy), Jane Horrocks (Bubble) and the hilarious June Whitfield as Mother.  The movie is also jam packed full of superstar cameos including appearances by Stella McCartney, John Hamm, Lily Cole, and Jerry Hall to name just an illustrious few.

Ab Fab superfan Rebel Wilson also pops in as a taser-wielding flight attendant.

And of course, Ab Fab veteran Mossy makes a signature ‘super’ glamorous entrance (and exit... off a balcony, into the Thames, oops).

The movie script was written by Jennifer Saunders herself, and is directed by British talent Mandie Fletcher, which makes for an all-female Brit talent powerhouse. 

Also (because *hands up* we're complete Diet Coke addicts) we were super excited to learn that our fave pop is working alongside the Ab Fab sweeties to produce an ultra-glam collab. Yep, Diet Coke Absolutely Fabulous themed packs will soon be heading our way, and because they've been inspired by the glitz and glam of the show, they are limited edition...obvs. Who needs champers?

Opening across UK theatres on 1st July, the hotly anticipated release is guaranteed to be all kinds of outrageous with these two at the helm.

Fabulous darlings.








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