A She's All That Remake Is In The Works, But Who Will Play Zach And Laney?

A She's All That Remake Is In The Works, But Who Will Play Zach And Laney?

Another dose of nostalgia coming right up...

She's All That was one of the now-iconic films that defined (more or less) our adolescence. So, when we heard that a remark of the 1999 flick was in the works, we had all the feels. 

If for some unthinkable reason you haven't already seen the film, here's what you need to know in a nutshell. Centred around the all-important senior prom, the film's leading man Zach — played by our teen crush Freddie Prinze Jr. — take on a bet from his jock friend Dean (the late Paul Walker) to makeover one of his classmates just in time to be made prom queen. The lady of choice? School 'geek' and shy art student Laney Boggs, played by Rachael Leigh Cooke.

Of course, after ditching her glasses, getting her hair cut and swapping her oversized dungarees for a slinky dress she turns out to be a total babe and both of the guys end up vying for her affections. In the end though she ends up with the right guy and they end up dancing in her fairylight lit back garden. So yep, it's pretty amazing. 

After toying with our first emotions of 'How on earth are they going to top the original?', we've actually come around to the remake and are already visualising our dream new cast. It's been reported that the studio behind the film is looking to broaden the movie's scope and it's expected to be developed with diverse leads in mind.

Here are the on-screen duos who we think would totally nail the roles: 

Zendaya and Jacob Latimore

Cara Delevingne and Michael B. Jordan

Zoe Kravtiz and Diego Boneta

You can send us our casting cut via cheque, Harvey Weinstein...

While they are yet to start filming, we reckon that now the news is out it's going to kick-start within the next couple of months. So, as soon as we get the actual cast list we'll let you know. Until then, watch this space...

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