A Love Letter To Sandra Bullock: Officially The World's Most Beautiful Woman

A Love Letter To Sandra Bullock: Officially The World's Most Beautiful Woman

Sandra Bullock gets named the world's most beautiful woman. Reacts in the most brilliant way. Yep, we've just found another stellar reason to love her...

We don't hear of Sandra Bullock often but when we do she always manages to put a smile on our faces, and we're more than willing to bet you feel the same way too. The ultimate girl's girl she's the perfect BFF package rolled all into one thanks to her quick-wit, strong sartorial game and general likability, which makes her most recent accolade all the more amazing. 

Beating off the gorgeous likes of Scarlet Johansson and Mila Kunis, and the Instagram-obsessed troupe of young starlets, Sandra has officially been crowned the world's most beautiful woman by People Magazine — and she definitely gets our vote too! 

Now if you were to be given this rather flattering title, what's the first thing you would do? Tweet it out? Share it on Facebook? We hear ya' — but don't worry, that's what 99.9% of the glitteratti would do too,

However when the 50-year-old Blind Side actress first heard the news, she reacted in the most Sandra Bullock way possible. By telling no one... 

Following her new title with an in-depth interview for the title, Sandra revealed that she laughed it off and, at one point, even thought it was a joke: "No, really. I just said, 'That's ridiculous'. I've told no one." 

Sandra, it's ANYTHING but ridiculous.

Due mainly to the fact that she's decided to snub social media and is very rarely seen off of the red carpet, we tend to overlook that fact that she's, you know, drop dead gorgeous in every which way possible. Obviously she's an absolute babe but there's so much more to Miss Congeniality than her face — so, we've taken this opportunity to list the many, many things that make Sandra the woman we all want to be in honour of her new title. This, Sandy, is our open love letter to you... 

She's An Oscar-Winning Secret Agent Posing As A Beauty Contestant
She's made a big name for herself in the film industry without being pigeon-holed into a niche or genre. What we love about Sandra is that after winning an Oscar for her amazing performance in The Blind Side, she followed it up with The Heat which saw her flex her funny muscles alongside Melissa McCarthy. Oh, and who can forget her portrayal of Gracie Hart (or Lou Freebush) in Miss Congeniality?! She ain't no movie snob, and that's endearing. 

That Time She OWNED The Razzie Awards
After being nominated at The Razzies in the Worst Actress category for her film All About Steve, Sandra actually turned up to the awards (which is pretty well unheard of for an A-lister) to accept her gong accompanied by three people wearing black 'Team Bullock' t-shirts while she pulled literally a cart-load of All About Steve DVDs behind her. She’d brought one for everyone in the audience who, she guessed, hadn’t really even watched the film. In her acceptance speech she said: “This is the deal we are going to make. You promise to watch the movie and really consider whether it was really and truly the worst performance. If you are willing to watch it, I will come back next year and give back the Razzie.' Bullock — 1. Razzies — 0. 

She's Been Through Hell And Back But Managed To Stay Positive 
After a rather public divorce from her ex-husband, Sandra wasn't going to sit around moping in her underwear and crying into a bucket of fried chicken — and she didn't want you to either. After the news broke, she insisted that everyone should stop feeling sorry for her and start making fun of her again as soon as possible. Sandra, we salute you. 

When She Snogged The Face Off Meryl Streep
Well, wouldn't you?!

She's A Feeder. 'Nough Said...
Not content with having an acting career that just won't quit, Sandra has turned her hand to the food industry too by opening a restaurant and a bakery. Yep, this is one lady you definitely want around when you get a case of the munchies.

Age Is Only A Number, But Sometimes It's Also Really Impressive
Sandra is still one of the most in-demand actresses in Hollywood and has totally made the industry think differently about casting 'older' women in strong, funny roles. We don't know about you but we still can't get over the fact that she's 50 either. If we look half as good as she does at her age, we'll consider ourselves very lucky indeed.

To sum up, we love you Sandra and we want to be with you always. Oh, and congrats on causally being named the world's most beautiful woman...

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