Here's How To Get Tickets To The London Friends Festival

Here's How To Get Tickets To The London Friends Festival

It was the sitcom we spent most of our youth watching (and quoting back at each other), so when a touring Friends Festival was announced tickets sold out in minutes. But the good news is, more are on the way...

Friends: the greatest sitcom of all time? If you grew up watching episode-after-episode of Ross, Rachel, Joey, Chandler, Phoebe and Monica you'll probably think so.

After the sell-out Comedy Central Friends Festival (dubbed 'FriendsFest') in 2015, a new touring festival has been announced for August this year. Yes, right now! 

Touring Hoxton, Chiswick, Essex, Leeds, Herts and Oxfordshire from late August to October (see the full list of FriendsFest tour venues here), tickets have obviously already sold out but HMV are giving you an extra chance to see the Central Perk themed cafe, an exhibition of original props from the Friends set and a full-scale replica of Monica's apartment. Remember those purple walls? 

If you've totted up 150,000 points on your Pure HMV loyalty card, you're in. Redeem your points at, and you'll be visiting the FriendFest pop-up salon to get a Jennifer Aniston cut in just a few weeks time.

And in case there's any Friends episodes that haven't been watched more than 110 times already, there will also be an area where festival-goers can watch re-runs of old episodes from one of Joey's Lay-Z Boy recliners. 

Friends began over 20 years ago and ran for 10 years before that final tear-jerking finale in 2004 ("he got off the plane") and is still rated as one of the most successful sitcoms of all time.

At its early noughties peak Jennifer Aniston, Courtney Cox and the four other main characters were earning $1 million an episode - given they were paid around $20 000 per episode when the show began in 1994 that's one heck of a pay increase. 

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