6 Times Kim Kardashian Wore Her Party Clothes For A Trip To The Shops

6 Times Kim Kardashian Wore Her Party Clothes For A Trip To The Shops

Whether she's going to a red carpet event or for a stroll around the shops, Kim Kardashian has a 'one size fits all' approach to dressing...

'Everyday is a fashion show and the street is my catwalk,' said Coco Chanel. And no-one takes those words quite so literally as Kim Kardashian.

While we prefer to head to the shops in a T-shirt and jeans, primarily for changing room ease – having to repeatedly undo and do up buttons and straps becomes pretty tiresome after we've tried on our second outfit – Kim treats a shopping trip like it was any other glamourous event, and thus a chance to wear her very best (read: revealing) clothes.

Take yesterday, when we spotted the mother-of-one in Paris, having jetted in from Armenia where she and Kanye had their daughter North baptised, indulging in a spot of retail therapy wearing a denim bra top and pencil skirt. As you do. Sure, Kim had a large tan overcoat to protect from the chilly spring air, but that was her only concession to practical dressing as she hit the shops with her husband.

Of course, this isn't the first time Kim's chosen to wear an outfit most of us would save for a night out for a stroll to the shops. Just take a look at our round=up below. Well, if you've got a wardrobe as choc-a-bloc with designer pieces as Kim, you're going to want to use any opportunity to show them off, right?


Just in case the blonde hair wasn't statement enough, Kim chose to wear a super-plunging tight black top for a spot of retail therapy in between fashion shows during Paris Fashion Week in February.


Normally, a pair of camo cargo pants would be a good call for going shopping. But when teamed with a barely-there crop top, the whole look is more appropriate for a warehouse party than Westfield.


Perhaps Kim was on her way to a cocktail party or film premiere when we spotted her wearing this semi-sheer black dress on a shopping trip in London earlier this year. Surely it's the only explanation for wearing a red carpet-worthy dress to the shops.


There's making an effort, and then there's making an EFFORT. We've got to applaud Kim for looking this glamorous just to make a trip to a store in LA. Especially when everyone else is walking around in denim cut-offs and a vest. Come on people, raise your game.


A three-piece suit is not our idea of a good outfit to hit the shops in, mainly owing to how much time it would take to climb in and out of it. However, something tells us Kim's more of a buy-now-try-on-at-home kinda gal, so she doesn't need to bother herself with such practical and mundane thoughts.

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