6 Things You Need To Know About Pirelli’s First Plus Size Model Candice Huffine

6 Things You Need To Know About Pirelli’s First Plus Size Model Candice Huffine

It's the most exclusive calendar in the world - 20,000 calendars are printed and sent to a secret list of VIPs, whilst it has never been available to buy - and this year, the Pirelli calendar features it's first plus size model, Candice Huffine. Here's 6 things you need to know

6 Things You Need To Know About Pirelli’s First Plus Size Model Candice Huffine

She grew up in the Marylands suburbs of Washington DC and claims to have had ‘ a very all-American, super normal upbringing.’ “My childhood was wonderful. I was a girly girl. It was to the point where [my mum] asked my nursery if they could change the playground from a sandbox to wood chips because it made me too dirty. I was a cheerleader; I was in singing lessons, dance lessons … you know, all those little well-rounded things. I was kind of a teacher's pet. I did pageants, so it was a very sweet childhood with frilly dresses and things. It makes me tired thinking about all of this, actually. Thanks, Mum. [Laughs.]”

At first, she had no idea she was deemed a ‘plus size’ in the modeling world. “ I was a size six, so I thought I was hot stuff. I was a freshman in high school, tight little body, thinking, I’m going to be a model. And then when someone is like, "I need you to lose fifteen pounds." I [was] like, "How do you do that?!" And then when I finally was handed a contract, the stipulation was that [they’re] signing me under [their] plus board, and I never looked back.”

Up close and fabulous, she’s 5ft 11, a size 16 and she loves her curves. “I'm really proud of myself being the size that I am. I haven't made any compromises. I get young girls saying, "Thank you, I can see how happy you are, I can see you ate pasta last night…" I feel I'm quietly doing something."

Having a body this smokin’ requires work. I have to work extremely hard to keep it, but I think it’s mainly a feeling: If you feel like you are a little puffy or maybe you have a few extra pounds on, of course you’re going to make changes to do so. But there’s no real pressure to hit the gym every day. Also, I say this all the time, but the plus girls in this industry are some of the healthiest people I’ve ever met in my life.

She’s a favourite of mega photographer Steven Meisel and super stylist Carine Roitfeld, the team behind this year’s latex, cat woman themed calendar. “It was really exciting for me to be back with the team that I was so familiar with. It felt like my fashion family. I couldn’t imagine shooting for Pirelli for the first time with anybody other than these people. They make me love myself more somehow. They are so appreciative and they embrace my body; it’s something that I never expected at this level of high fashion…that I’d be so embraced.”

She wants the world to be done with the division between the straight size and plus. “ We don’t need to be separate anymore. Hopefully it will get to the point where I could be the next Cover Girl, because who’s to say that just because I don’t have a "perfect body" that I can’t be a spokesperson?”

By Niki Browes
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