6 Reasons Kanye West's Adidas Show Is All Anyone Can Talk About

6 Reasons Kanye West's Adidas Show Is All Anyone Can Talk About

Kanye West's much-hyped collection for Adidas was unveiled at New York Fashion Week yesterday. Here's why everyone's still talking about it...

1. Justin Bieber was in the second row
Sorry Biebs, but when you've got Rihanna, Beyonce, Jay Z, P Diddy and Anna Wintour on the guestlist, someone's got to take a back seat. And this time it was you (even though you came dressed as Michael Jackson).


2. North West was the harshest critic
Kim and Kanye's two-year-old daughter let her feelings be known by screaming throughout the entire show, which didn't seem to go down well with Ms Wintour. Well, what do you expect from a toddler?


3. And Kanye's explanation of North's tantrum was classic Kanye
Maybe she was just scared for her Daddy,' the rapper-cum-designer told Interview magazine. 'She just wanted people to stop being mean to her Daddy. Because she knows that her Daddy loves the world and just wants to make it a more beautiful place.' Sure.


4. Kylie Jenner showed off her modelling skills
The youngest Jenner bravely donned a semi-sheer body stocking and strutted her stuff for brother-in-law Kanye. Better watch your step Kendall, your little sister is right behind you…


5. Kanye debuted the first track from his new album
Being the savvy businessman he is, Kanye also used his catwalk opportiny to  garner a bit of press for his forthcoming album, Wolves. The rapper closed the show with the first track featuring SIA. Have a listen…


6. The clothes were actually wearable
Brown bodystockings aside (sorry Kim but the all-in-one with sports bra look wasn't your best), Kanye's collection comprised a number of things we'd be happy to have in our wardrobe, including bomber jackets, sweatshirts, leggings and of course, the new Kanye's new trainers for Adidas, the Yeezy 750 Boosts. Bagsy the dusky pink pair.

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