6 Fun Facts About Uptown Funk

6 Fun Facts About Uptown Funk

It holds the title of the all-time most streamed track EVER in the UK (2.56 million times, in case you're wondering) which is why we looked at the facts behind Britain’s current number one hit single, Uptown Funk

Six Fun Facts About Uptown Funk

1. They chose to call it ‘Uptown’ rather than ‘Downtown’ Funk because producer Mark Ronson is from the Upper West Side whilst singer Bruno Mars is from the Bronx.

2. It has been viewed 115 million times on Vevo, has spent five consecutive weeks at number one in the UK whilst it also holds this position in the charts in the US, Australia, Ireland, New Zealand and Canada. The Russians, however, aren’t fans: it peaked in their charts at 198.

3. Recording it was so stressful for Ronson that he fainted and threw up three times during the process.  "The plan was for me to record my guitar part by lunch. Lunchtime comes around and I still haven't nailed the part," he recalled. "We go out and in the stress of finishing this song I fainted in the restaurant. I threw up three times. I had to be carried back to the studio. In the end, they got it - on take 82."

4. Ronson was walking down a London street when he got a text from his manager saying it was the new no.1 single in the US. "I called Bruno, we talked for a minute, and I said, 'I'm going to let out a primal scream right now, if that's OK. I cupped the phone to protect his golden ears, and that's what I did."

5. Over thanksgiving last year, Cara Delevingne shot three videos of herself dancing to the song. She was at none other than Goldie Hawn’s house at the time so her dancing partners include Katie Holmes and Kurt Russell #notyouraveragedancepartners

6. It’s created some pretty cute videos on YouTube, like this one:

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