6 Disney Princesses Who Are Also Badass Feminists (Yes, Really)

6 Disney Princesses Who Are Also Badass Feminists (Yes, Really)

Here's why our favourite characters are also great feminist role models... Excuse to rewatch - urm, YES

There's been some surprising links between feminism and Disney in the last few years; #HeforShe campaigner Emma Watson was cast in Beauty and The Beast, Disney's Mulan was made into a live-action movie and now Disney are redefining what it means to be a modern-day Princess. Forget tiaras and finding your prince, it's all about...

1. Caring for others
2. Living healthily
3. Not judging a book by its cover
4. Being honest
5. Being a friend you can trust
6. Believing in yourself
7. Righting wrongs
8. Trying your best
9. Being loyal
10. Never giving up

To celebrate, we've rounded up the top six Disney sisters who we believe are doing it for themselves. We do admit there's still a long way to go, no cartoons about an ass-kicking female CEO in the pipeline just yet...

Princess Jasmine from Aladdin 

She's feisty, outspoken and  - unlike most other Disney princesses - wears the trousers, both literally and metaphorically. She was also way ahead of the curve with the whole flat shoe, anti-heel thing, plus those harem pants look far comfier than a corset. "I am not a prize to be won" she retorts coolly when Aladdin tries to win her over. Damn right.

Rapunzel from Tangled

Disney's version of Rapunzel has a pretty broad skill set considering she's been locked in a tower her whole life. She uses her 20ft hair as a weapon, a climbing aid and a rope to tie up an intruder. And when she's finished she cuts it all off into a cool brown pixie crop. Because who needs boring old princess hair? Also she makes the first move (see above.)


The only Disney princess whose story isn't centered around finding a man. She even breaks up with a guy because he's in her way 'it's not you, it's my path.' Also she never needs saving.

Princess Tiana from The Princess and the Frog

Technically she spends most of the film as a frog. Still though, no other Disney princesses nuture the dream of starting their own business. Tiana wants to open her own restaurant and by the end of the film she's gone and done it.

Belle from Beauty and the Beast

Belle isn't like a lot of other Disney ladies. More interested in her books and helping out her inventor father than Gaston's less-than-subtle advances (she certainly puts that big-chinned womaniser in his place.) She's not so tolerant of the Beast's self-pitying nonsense either. In fact, there are few actresses more perfectly placed to play her than staunch feminist Emma Watson.

But most importantly... Mulan

She flips that tired old damsel in distress sterotype by rescuing all the men in the film, including her father, the emperor and the army general. Go Mulan. She also has two positive female role models in her life, meaning the film also passes the Bechdel test. So who will play Mulan in the new version? Watch this space...

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