Charlie Hunnam Just Revealed The REAL Reason He Quit 50 Shades Of Grey...

Charlie Hunnam Just Revealed The REAL Reason He Quit 50 Shades Of Grey...

Charlie Hunnam has revealed the real reason behind his 50 Shades exit, and it’s pretty surprising - even his friends called him crazy. Would you do the same?

Hearts around the world broke when Charlie Hunnam dropped out of 50 Shades of Grey, and even though it’s been two whole years and one Jamie Dornan-shaped replacement since the original Christian Grey quit, some fans still can’t get over the trauma.

Now, Charlie has finally revealed the reasons behind his 50 Shades exit, calling the whole experience “emotionally destructive” and the “worst professional experience” of his life. Most people thought the Sons of Anarchy actor just got a little shy about the serious hanky panky (and spanky) in the erotic film, but the real reason behind his departure from the project? A promise to a friend - now isn’t that sweet.

Charlie told V Man “I'd given my friend Guillermo del Toro [a filmmaker] my word, over a year before, that I was going to do Crimson Peak” a fantasy drama that we don’t recommend you watch before bedtime. Charlie refused to ditch his friend for some naughty behaviour with Dakota Johnson: “People were saying, 'Are you crazy? Guillermo still has got four months to recast, it's the fourth lead, you can go and do this [instead].' I said, 'I can't. He's my friend’”.

And when director Sam Taylor-Johnson, who is stepping away from the 50 Shades sequel thanks to a publically fiery relationship with author E. L. James, was told the news? “I called her and we both cried our eyes out on the phone for 20 minutes, I needed to tell her that this was not going to work. It was heartbreaking”.

You can’t say Charlie didn’t try to make things work; he considered a gruelling split between both films and TV series Sons of Anarchy, finishing the TV shooting before rehearing and filming 50 Shades, then jetting over to film Crimson Peak over a three day break, before two more days travelling to head straight back into Sons of Anarchy, but in the end Charlie had to walk away from S&M for a little R&R.

Did Charlie make the right decision? Let us know below, and in the meantime, check out InStyle's round up of the sexiest men around (including Charlie, obvs).

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