50 Cent makes a 50 Scent!

50 Cent makes a 50 Scent!

He’s a drug dealer-turned rapper who’s been shot nine times, but 50 Cent still moisturises before bedtime.

Since he began his illustrious music career in 2002, with hits such as In Da Club he's tried his hand at films, sportswear, video games, clothes and even a condom line called Magic Stick.

And now he's tackling the beauty industry. Earlier this year it was reported that ‘Fiddy' is working on a range of moisturisers and night creams for men, being a self confessed fan of manly care himself. And if that wasn't enough, last week it was announced that he's teaming up with Lighthouse Beauty to create his very own scent, following in the footsteps of Kanye, Rihanna, and Jay-Z.

The fragrance will be called Power by 50 Cent, and not to our disappointment, 50's Scent, and will go on sale in US department store Macy's later this year. We're not sure what it'll smell like, but we're guessing there'll be more musk and less top notes of floral.

What next Fiddy? ‘Dietary supplements' he says. Watch this space.

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