5 Reasons Jeremy Irvine is our man of the moment

5 Reasons Jeremy Irvine is our man of the moment

We tell you five things you need to know about Great Expectations star Jeremy Irvine…

Jeremy Irvine has well and truly catapulted himself into the limelight this year with a string of lead roles in War Horse, Now Is Good, and latest release, David Nicholls' adaptation of Great Expectations, and he's even found time to win himself into Christopher Bailey's favour in the mean time. This boy is destined for big things, so get to know him fast with our top five Jeremy facts…


1. He's the Justin Timberlake of period dramas: When talking about the romance plot between his character Pip and Holliday Grainger's Estella, Jeremy told us he didn't hold back from ensuring it was a true representation of young love: "I don't believe that if two people at that time felt that strongly, they wouldn't just scream at each other, so I wanted there to be that violence and to bring that sexiness back."

Watch the trailer below...

2. He can hold his own alongside some of Britain's biggest names in acting: His talents have been lauded by his Great Expectations co-star Helena Bonham Carter, and it's clear he was far from intimidated by her: "Helena has this playfulness about her, so I didn't feel stupid trying something crazy with her, we'd just do it any way," he told us.

3. He's the leading man to InStyle's leading lady: In this year's tear-jerking drama, Now Is Good, Jeremy plays scooter-riding Adam who romances Dakota Fanning's character Tessa, a teen who's working her way through a bucket list after being diagnosed with leukemia.

4. He's a family guy: He may have taken a seat between front row regulars, Alexa Chung and Clemence Poesy at Burberry's AW12 fashion show, but his choice of plus one was rather more down-to-earth - his mum. Aww.


5. He looks good in uniform: Jeremy's next foray into film sees him dressed head-to-toe in khakis to play a young Colin Firth in second world war drama, The Railway Man.

Great Expectations hits cinemas on 30 November 2012.

By Hayley Spencer

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