4 Reasons Why Solange Knowles' Wedding Was One Of The Coolest We've Ever Seen

4 Reasons Why Solange Knowles' Wedding Was One Of The Coolest We've Ever Seen

The bride even rode a bicycle. And check out the family portrait

Solange Knowles and her video director fiancé Alan Ferguson tied the knot this weekend, and we're pretty much blown away by her wedding dress.

Sadly, we couldn't make it to the ceremony ourselves (something to do with it being in New Orleans and us not actually being invited), but luckily Beyoncé was on hand to share pictures on Instagram – and boy are we pleased she did. Here's why we think it was one of the coolest matrimonies ever…

1. The dress
Sure, Kate Middleton's Alexander McQueen wedding dress was pretty and everything, but if you're a bride to be who's growing a little bored of that trad look then Solange is your new bridal inspo. Wearing a sleek and simple cream floor length gown by Humberto Leon for Kenzo, the singer managed to look both contemporary and timeless and, most importantly, absolutely herself.


2. The cape
Managing to look bang on trend, as well as wedding appropriate is no easy feat, but Solange made it look easy. How? By wearing a cape over her wedding gown. We've now decided that no wedding dress should be without a cape. Forget a veil, this is how you make an entrance. Oh, and check out those gold cuffs, too.

3. Everyone wore white
Whoever it was that said only the bride should wear white was, quite simply, wrong. Just look at the Knowles family for proof. Beyoncé, mum Tina and the rest of the bridal party (as well as the groom and Jay Z) all wore party-ready white outfits for the day, and all looked amazing without upstaging the bride at all. And if we could get a one family portrait that looked this cool, we'd be pretty chuffed.


4. The bride rode a bike
A bicycle with flowers wrapped around the handlebars? This could be the most romantic wedding transport ever. Win.


By Olivia Marks 


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